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  1. @SebastianVogesLooking at the console output I might have spotted something: the generated manifest.json doesn't contain the music files. Looks like the included manifest was ignored. Does the manifest generator only include specific file extensions? Like BIN, PRG and BAS? The music files have "SMF"
  2. Ok, I've uploaded V0.8 again. I now included a manifest, so that should be fine now. And it works on my own installation of the web emulator. I'll check the console now... I'm loading music file segments into banked RAM. I will try to check the generated assembler code, maybe I can see something there.
  3. Unfortunately this didn't solve the problem. So: - testing the same zip file content on a web emulator on my Raspian hosted webserver works - on the official web emulator it doesn't. Strange thing is: everything I'm loading into VRAM via vload() works. Everything else with cbm_k_load() doesn't. I've reverted back to V0.7 again. Any ideas? I'm scratching my head now...
  4. ok, thanks a lot! I did that - and it works here, while it didn't in the official web emulator. Strange... So I assume the only difference is that I didn't provide a manifest.json, instead relied on the generated one. I'll now retry to upload V0.8 with a ZIP file which includes the manifest.json.
  5. Argh - the "emscripten" base for the webassembly doesn't build on 32 bit raspberries ... Can someone please provide me with the actual web-emulator files: ex16mu.data x16emu.html x16emu.js x16mu.wasm webassembly/styles.css webassembly/main.js and maybe what's needed to mimmic the "try now" button?
  6. You're probably right. I'll build the webassembly myself and run it on my raspberry. So I can do the pre-testing from there.
  7. Ok, I understand that. But "delete" for a specific version I didn't find. If you look at the change log for Brixx, you'll see what I mean .
  8. Yes, thats how I did it. Lower case in source code, upper case on disk. This is really strange... Hm... I compose the filenames with sprintf(), maybe that's an issue? In any case it would be nice to have a test function for the "try now" feature. Like upload a zip file for testing without showing it on the download page.
  9. I have to come back to this: I uploaded a new version of Brixx (0.8), but it didn't load the new music assets. I uploaded V0.7 again, so people can still use it. @MattGrandisIs there a chance I can test a ZIP file before I upload it? Downloading the V0.8 ZIP file and running it in the emulator on Windows 10 works. @SebastianVogesI'm aware that upper/lower case makes a difference in the web emulator. I used lower case in the code until now, which worked for all graphics (upper case didn't work). But not for the new music files. Only difference: graphics loads into VRAM with vload() but the music files with cbm_k_load(). Any ideas?
  10. cc65 is pretty close, only debugger support in VS.Code seems to be missing. At least I haven't discovered any. There is a VS.Code extension (maybe abandoned, too) which supports VICE debugging, but that doesn't help us. But I think one of the key ideas behind the X16 is to be easily accessible. That's not exactly the case with cc65 and VS.Code. So I would assume BASIC will be the official environment. Probalby with an updated editor. If you are looking for cross-development tools: have you looked into Turbo Rascal? Or AsmFun?
  11. I would be happy to contribute a title. Exclusive or not...
  12. We should tell the author . So he can attach the source as a separate file, too. And knows what to do next time.
  13. @MattGrandisI attached a "converted" version. This should work. TETROMINOES.BAS
  14. I agree - I assume you would first have to paste the code into the editor, use "save" and then upload the .bas file?
  15. I don't see the "Try Now" button (but with other downloads), so I could not try it with the web-emulator. I downloaded it and ran it with the Windows emulator.
  16. I gave it a first spin: really like it , good job! It's fun to see what you can do with PETSCI based graphics. Also thanks for your extensive documentation on your blog. It's worth a read!
  17. I think this depends on how SD card and host file system access are implemented in the end. I just know that for example CP/M and also MS-DOS 1.0 (2.0 too?) had a limitation of 64 files in any directory (1 disk sector). I think the C64 Kernal must have similar limitations, but I don't know for sure. FAT-12 also had a limitation of max. 4095 files (number of FAT entries on disk). One of my upcoming projects might require at least 4MByte of bitmap (20 times 8bpp 320x240 and sprite data) and music data (20 tunes 100k each). That would be over 500 files - if I have to split them up, that's not ideal. I'd rather have around 40-50 100kByte files.
  18. @lamb-duh Not sure if I got this right: so in the end you now have split up the file into smaller files - and then load those? I have a similar task ahead and I would personally prefer to not split the files. I would end up with 100s of files and that might be too much for the Kernal (too many files in a directory), right? I tried quite a lot, but OPEN always returns 5 - 'device not ready' (I'm using cc65), so I cannot use GETIN or CHRIN. Am I right that the sequence should be: SETLFS, STNAM, OPEN, CHKIN and then a lot of GETIN ?
  19. Thanks a lot . And yes, I'll share the code, as soon as I've cleaned it up. It's already improved, but not yet ready.
  20. I looked into Millfork before I started implementing my Brixx game, it looked quite neat. I also experimented a bit with it, there's also a Visual Studio Code add-on. In the end I went the cc65 route as it's X16 support is more up to date and there are more open source libraries and examples for it. If you know how to code in C it's not that inefficient. And you can mix it with assembler if needed. If you are careful which data types you are using (8 bit int as often as possible, don't mix with 16 bit if can be avoided etc.) C creates pretty efficient code.
  21. I've used Aloevera for converting my graphics assets for my Brixx game (see downloads). So thanks a lot for this tool!
  22. Thanks a lot - then it's probably my browser or something else... And it was also a lot of fun to code this...
  23. New version 0.7 ! Now there is a title screen with music! It doesn't play too well in the web emulator, at least with my laptop. It's fine with the native emulator (on Windows 10). Can anyone try? If it's not playing on the "tryout" web emulator, I'll disable the intro music by default and upload a new version. I'm pretty pumped that I managed to play music - and to find a royalty free VGM file. Thanks to Meits (www.meits.nl) the composer.
  24. This is great! It will help me designing some game sound effects. I have a feature request though: Could the program dump the register hex values for the channel settings on screen somewhere at the bottom? I know it shows any changes at the top right, but its cumbersome to collect all the values. And is shows the bit values.
  25. Well - 128 for sure is enough and to fill basically the entire screen with sprites isn't my goal ;-). I'm more concerned about my game logic, collision detection etc. I'm implementing with cc65 in C. I wasn't sure if the performance will be fine or if I have to optimize some code in assembler. Looks like this isn't necessary.
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