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  1. Having just watched a pretty thorough walk through of the 65, I'm pretty impressed. Sure it was expensive, but it'll get better. Maybe. A couple things that are interesting to me: GO 64 - I can have my cake and eat it too They have shipped 100 units, so it's real(ish). The software development is already pretty mature
  2. I'm not sure if I actually care if it's an FPGA. Functional equivalent doesn't bother me. It doesn't bother me AT ALL to use an SD2IEC card on my Commodores. Sure I have a 1541, but the SD card is more reliable. I ordered a Mega 65 so I'll know more about how I feel about it when I get it. I'm very curious how things like this will be received without at least some of the community driving the nostalgia factor. I use my C64 and 128 all the time at least in part because there's some nostalgia for it. But I skipped over the Amiga in my computer journey in the 90s. Went to DOS and then Linux in 1996. I own an Amiga 600 and don't use it because it doesn't resonate with me like a C64 does. Should be a fascinating thing to study really.
  3. Where in North Carolina? I'm just north of Asheville.
  4. These are excellent ideas! I fly the Baron about 250 hours a year, so I'm looking forward to having this Zenith to just play around with.
  5. Yeah, be a cool thing to try to do. Didn’t mean to imply that experiments aren’t interesting!
  6. The 400 has been on my desk a couple days now. Works well as you might expect. The Pi is a mature platform and it shows. They keyboard is usable, but the mouse is truely horrible. Thank god I had a Microsoft bluetooth mouse laying around with nothing better to do
  7. I've been thinking about the X16 a lot lately as a basis for thought experiments. No real end goal, just a central theme to chew on. If you're going to build a machine with intentional constraints, why not use them as part of its advantage rather than try to make it into something it's not? The primary reason for a machine like the Commander X16 is that a single person can understand all of its parts. If I have an idea in software I want to bring to the world and I chose a platform based solely on it being the platform best suited to do so, the X16 would fit a tiny subset of problems I can come up with. There are a lot of other options which would make a whole lot more sense. I've been doing this for a long time, and I suspect most of us on this forum have too. I can't say that I understand to the level that I do on a Commodore 64, all of the moving parts that make a Raspberry Pi or my MacBook work. I don't REALLY know, on a low machine level, what's going on. Not to the level where I can step through single CPU steps in a machine code monitor. I can definitely do that on a 6502 though. I always thought that this was the reason for this platform. It's constrained on purpose, with a few modern conveniences, even the purest of enthusiasts can concede were needed (SD Cards instead of floppies, for example).
  8. I'll use modern avionics as primary displays. Probably Dynon. The idea of the 6502 in an Experimental is really for the fun of it. It'll be a "secondary" display and functionality. Just for fun really
  9. I've been a longtime professional Python and Ruby programmer... I'm not sure I would want a crippled version of either of those. What probably makes a lot of sense is a very enhanced BASIC. I know I go on and on about it on forums, but the BASIC in the Maximite is very powerful and manages a lot of modern concepts without being a crippled version of something else.
  10. Depends on the keyboard I suppose.
  11. I smell an X16 program that stores a pool of our initial sales guesses. The winner gets a HUGE prize: bragging rights for making a wild guess!
  12. Any PS/2 keyboard should be adaptable. Sky is the limit really.
  13. I agree, that would be pretty cool. It's an educated guess, but baring some unusual turn of events, the demand for the X16 won't be in the millions. I understand "TheC64" demand since it's a nostalgia thing, but the X16 is in a middle ground kinda place, like the Maximite, only with a "please no FPGAs except that one we couldn't work around" philosophy. Antiquated development techniques on a platform that doesn't carry that nostalgia. I have a hard time seeing a HUGE demand after the initial early adopters have them. I'm very bullish on making new games for the C64, NES, Amiga, and DOS though. That being said, I want one. But I'm also a Commodore 64 kid. My brother is 10 years younger than I am and was alive in the 80s but not old enough to remember the 80s. He doesn't "get" the X16 at all.
  14. Good Morning, I seem to be having trouble finding a copy of Speedscript 3.2 for the 64. The 128+ version is easy to find and works great. Anyone know where a d64 might be for it?
  15. Very cool. I don't have a working 2600, but I'll try it emulated Just as a production note, your microphone is clipping. Maybe a little further away from your mouth.
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