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  1. Been playing around in Logisim. To halve the frequency, don't I really just need a D-latch with the invertered Q going to the enable (or is it called input) pin? Like I've done in the picture? I don't really need to split the signal, just remove half the ticks.
  2. Hello Just got a 6502 A in the mail which I understand runs at 2MHz. I don't have any of those crystal oscillators, but I do have a 4MHz. Can I split the signal using logic gates? At the top of my head perhaps an XOR gate and a D-latch set/reset latch should do it? But the details are not the point, the question is, is it viable or would it not be exact enough? Thanks
  3. Going to start with the 6502 as well. In fact, I heard of the 8-bit guy from Youtube recommendations after watching Ben Eater videos.
  4. Typical, they had the Rigol DS1104Z Plus with all licenses on sale. Now I just have to learn how to use it. So if anyone knows any good courses online I'm all ears
  5. Thank you, much appreciated That Rigol will probably end up too hard to resist to purchase
  6. Hello First off, couldn't find anything about not posting about products so I thought it would be ok, hope it's not frowned upon. Now then, I was looking at getting an oscilloscope for learning more about electronics and digital signaling, when I stumbled upon the ADALM2000. It's a device that includes some instruments in very rudimentary form such as an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, pattern generator etc. But what interests me the most is that it's meant to be used mainly for educational purposes and it includes some study resources. Does anyone have any experiences with this, perhaps looked at the study material? Do you know if the tools are good enough to be useful when you've learned a bit more and want to take the training wheels off? https://www.analog.com/en/design-center/evaluation-hardware-and-software/evaluation-boards-kits/adalm2000.html# Thanks!
  7. Well advice, setup and management for now. Looking into some actual hardware as well, will keep you posted.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm Daniel from Sweden. I'm a network engineer with ten years experience but I'm currently trying to steer more towards development. I have started taking som colleague classes in programming and found assembly to be great fun. I figured Commodore was a great platform to learn more about it and I was very excited to learn about the Commander x16 project as it seems like the perfect platform for what I want to do. I've also started to learn to solder and about digital circuitry, and I've picked up some old Commodores and Amigas that need some TLC. I was slightly too young to learn any programming on our C64 as a child so I'm eager to learn this time around. If I can I would love to contribute in some way. I am not yet proficient enough with anything besides Python to be of any real use, but I'll get there :) Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help, perhaps cloud infrastructure or translating anything to Swedish? Thanks!
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