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  1. Namaste RJE, The X16 is INCOMPATIBLE with thousands and thousands of C64 program The c65/m*g* 6* is 100% compatible with 3 computers ie. CO*MODOR* 64, CO*MO*ORE 65 (prototype,unreleased) AND EXCLUSIVE MEGA 65 MODE Note that the Mega 65 has 40 Mhz Clock speed,inbuilt 3 1/2 inch floppy,SD card 100 freeze slot to freeze your programs, on the fly clock speed change and all previous c64 hardware and many more for the same price.
  2. I am anshul from INDIA. I saw that commander x16 was very good as it was not EMULATION like THE C 64 from Retr* G*m*s L*d. (*e t r o G a m e s * t * .) I was emulating other systems like M*g* 65 retro computer on PC.They said: The copyright holder will sue them if the included "ROM" files in file but your (X16) emulator was good: I just downloaded the file and executed it. Will the copyright holder not sue you like the Mega ** guys ?? (Note: I have not taken names as they appear but put asterisks to not break the rules of the site. You can take the name both the time and replace *'s with the letters)
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