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  1. 100% agree. Maybe in future we can have even SID or SAA1099 soundcard interface.
  2. Will watch. But I have C64 3xSID upgrade also Atari Pokey 2xstereo upgrade. And FGPA versions sounds not same! They are perfect but real Asic is real Asic. But I am musician. For games, demos fpga is excellent.
  3. What about. Downgraded X16 with little LCD. Only VERAlite with one fixed LCD resolution for gfx, VERA sound. SD card. DPad, fire, menu button. Smallest as possible. Ideal into pocket. With 3d printed or molded case. Gameboy was Z80. This will be true 6502 game handheld. With cartridge pins for home projects like arduino. For Commodore, Atari, NES, Apple2 fans... Also chipmusic, pixelart, retrogames, manga/anime fans etc. Little inspiration ARM cpu POKITTO:
  4. My Atari 800 portfolio Chipmusic - http://asma.atari.org/asmadb/search.php?q1=2&q2=Hudak&q4=1&q3=1 Graphics - Let me know if You are coder!!!
  5. Hello thnx for answers. Will start this project soon!
  6. Will start GUI concepts soon!
  7. Why? SAA cost few USD. Like one cup of tea in restaurant. No emulation. True PSG. Saa+VERA for softer sounds will be perfect!
  8. @Strider Well Entropia Universe is real cash economy mmo. You can exchange game currency to usd. Its like Oasis from ReadyPlayerOne.
  9. Will buy it and install RiscOS. Its basically new Acorn Archimedes ;).
  10. BTW Atari Lynx was 6502 game console. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_Lynx Maybe it is Public Domain / OpenSource: "On May 14, 1999, Hasbro, which would continue to hold on to the Atari properties until selling off Hasbro Interactive to Infogrames in 2001,[25] released into the public domain all the rights relating to the Atari Jaguar, declaring it an open platform;[26] the Atari Lynx, through internet theories,[27] may have also entered the public domain at the same time as the Jaguar, but this is clearly disputed. " wiki Lynx 3D capabilities: My ideal 6502 game console will be Atari Lynx FPGA with better specs (more MHz, colors, ram) and SD card and probably pcb mountable into Gameboy case(there are new still produced). There are tools like ASM, sound editor, graphics, emulator also games. But I am Atari fan ;). Anyways it will be amazing game handheld.
  11. @JimmyDansbo joined our team as coder. Tommorow I will do X16MusicTracker logo ;).
  12. Hello Friends. So I have buyed websites: www.teamx16.com and teamx16.online for our tracker. First will be place for tracker documentation, download, etc. Second in future for radio/stream. For songs, modules.
  13. I think internet/ethernet build into motherboard will be great. For playing multiplayer games online with friends. Also some kind of 2D virtual world / social network / MMO RPG / Scifi MMO will be cool. I am reading Neal Stephenson Snow Crash and He was inspired by C64 network game called Habitat. Metaverse is world like from movie Ready Player One - Oasis. On Atari we have FujiNET based on ESP Wifi module. Also Wifi will be good for load uploading files to and from X16 SD card using PC or MAC etc. Wifi modules cost few USD. Like coffee latte or so. It will be nice feature. Metaverse https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metaverse Habitat C64 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habitat_(video_game) FujiNET
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