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  1. Thank you. This worked.
  2. Hi, This might seem like a silly question, and I've searched many websites (including YouTube etc) to find the answer but I've found no clear, simple answer. Apologies if this has been asked before. I have the X16 emulator installed. I downloaded the "Invaderz" program. So, according to standard Commodore commands, you type: LOAD"PROGRAMNAME.PRG" However, it can't seem to find it. I have my emulator sitting under C:\Program Files. Where is the best place to place it? Where is the best place to keep your stash of programs relative to the emulator? When you type "LOAD", how do you specify relative location of the program file? I even tried placing a copy of "INVADERZ.PRG" into the emulator directory itself. Is there a Dummies' Guide explaining this? Can anyone point me to this? Thanks.
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