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  1. 1/2. It's definitely possible to write a programming language for the X16, but it depends of what's your idea on it. Things like C should work fine (look for CC65 if you want), but something like Python, well, machines with a 8-bit CPU and KBs of memory don't meet the requirements to make it work fully. Maybe you can make a language with a syntax similar to Python, but you won't get all of its features. It really depends of the features you want to add and whether they're feasible on such a low-spec machine. 3. Otherwise, making an IDE directly on the X16 for your language would be pretty cool, go for it 4. In the end, the choice of the language to implement it in is up to you, but Assembly or C would definitely be more efficient.
  2. Michael, nice to see you here Any updates on the emulator and the ROM?
  3. Thanks! Also since it's still the 4th of July here... (gotta love the automatic Twitter embeds :))
  4. Introducing the new X16 Twitter Bot: send it a program on Twitter (if you have an account) and it will run it! See by yourself: Okay, that was kind of a boring example, but you get it. Once you mention it on Twitter (the messsage must begin with a line number), the bot will take your message, run it in the emulator for 33 seconds, leverage its GIF-making feature and reply to your message with the last 3 seconds of execution. The bot also support binary PRG programs (tutorial coming soon, uses base2048 if you can figure it out, experimental). So in short, it works very similarly as other bots such as @bbcmicrobot or @auto_tweetcart. Very useful to share cool snippets on Twitter, or for practicing yourself at code golf. I kinda want to build a community on Twitter around it as well, so why not? It's also gonna unofficially post the interesting news for those who don't have Facebook. So yeah, try it out and have fun! Note that the same rules apply as here.
  5. Eh, I've just got 2 holidays in a row: July 24th (St. John the Baptist Day, patron saint of French Canadians) and July 1st (Canada Day, also celebrated in French Canada as Moving Day)
  6. May I add CodeWalrus? Lots of retro stuff there, although it's kinda inactive lately. (That's the other forum I admin xD)
  7. Eh, if I knew how to program a ZX81 I'd definitely make this happen.
  8. Just noticed no one posted anything unrelated to retrocomputing yet so here you go... I admit it, the girl in my profile pic is obviously not me (...or is it?). Her name is Yuki and she's the heroine of a rather absurd webcomic I created called Horse Life 98. Maybe one day this will warrant an equally absurd adventure game using XCI, but for now, you can read her adventures on this website Hope you like
  9. Y'all know PCB stands for Potentially Could Be Blue. Or is it? PCBWAAAAAAYYYYYY Sorry, had to do it. In any case, it looks pretty cool
  10. Cool, you can upload it in the download section if you want
  11. I'd love to see a network card using the expansion slot, actually. Although I'd guess you could always do some simili-UART with the GPIO lines.
  12. Yeah, better use an emulator on the Raspberry Pi at this point. But at the same time, the new ZX Spectrum uses a Raspberry Pi as a tape emulator, so yeah. Depends what you're going for. In any case, I would probably try to use an Arduino for that before resorting to a Raspberry Pi. It's even cheaper, and it's more similar to the hardware that's already there.
  13. Hey, a fellow Canadian! Welcome!
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