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  1. I do recall seeing it in @Perifractic's video about it. But yeah, probably should watch it. Sounds like one of those shows that makes you think, and would probably makes sense if physics worked that way so a time travel device would work.
  2. It does look pretty cool, and hopefully it's going to kickstart the good old hobbyistt keyboard computer form factor again. Might get one when I can.
  3. Was about to say that as well. Haven't watched it but I did heard there's a lot of geeky stuff, like a reference to John Titor and the IBM 5150.
  4. Keep It Simple, Stupid. That's what I have to say on the matter. The good ol' KISS.
  5. Of course, I gotta have to look at that. Preferably from a seller that doesn't cost too much for shipping.
  6. I've got a Commodore 64 (with its 1541, but the cable's missing, anyone?) and an Apple ][c around here. Also a Mac Performa 6200CD I should repair one of these days.
  7. A PPA building for several versions of Ubuntu and Debian would certainly be useful, but it's been a while I tried building .deb packages. Maybe if I have the time. Meanwhile, there is a Snap package out there, I think.
  8. I made a website just for that. http://juju2143.ca
  9. Yuki


    Yeah, I asked the team, and unfortunately, as I said, none of them are into Discord nor want to devote some time to it, so this is probably the closest you can get to an official one for the time being. The former admins there also didn't had time for it either, so seeing I already have some experience in Discord and the fact I'm a mod here, they left it to me and I took over
  10. Yuki


    Hey there, I just want to say there is an official unofficial X16 Discord server out there for those who use it. It's now owned by yours truly, so I guess it's now a bit more official, but as far as I know none of the official team are into Discord, so yeah. Of course, it's perfect for some real-time chat around the X16 and some quick help real-time chat might be better suited, but if you want to ask a question or for anything else, the forums might be better suited. Obviously, the same rules as in here goes there as well. So if you want to check it out, here's an invite link: https://discord.gg/nS2PqEC Have fun
  11. I used to be Juju, and I'm starting to change my name to Yuki almost everywhere 🙂

    1. Cyber


      Would you share the reason? )

  12. Ooooh, line art. That's pretty cool
  13. Definitely not for everyone, but yeah, Neil Cicierega does have a distinctive style of mashing things up in a work of art.
  14. Hey there, So to answer your questions, from what I understand: - You shouldn't have problems not censoring other projects' names. - As far as I know, compatibility with the C64 isn't really a goal past the fact it has the same CPU and the same BASIC, but you should have a similar experience on the X16. It's just supposed to be a better C64, kinda like the C64 is a better PET. - The team has a licence from Cloanto to use, modify and adapt the original C64 ROM for the X16, so no lawsuit here. Hopefully. Hope this answers your questions
  15. Yep, that sounds like good ideas, good luck implementing them
  16. Not sure what you mean, but the X16 comes with a version of Basic v2, so you can check the Downloads section for the emulator and ROM, it's all freeware.
  17. The 2 use cases I could see with a 6502-based console are 1. Hobbyists and education 2. Cheap chinese clone consoles In the first case, you'd want an original idea (handheld? lots of GPIO?), a community to build around your product and a good SDK for it, kinda like the X16, which is not an easy task. But in the end, you just do what you want, it's your product
  18. It's compatible starting from Unicode 12, but you'll still need to install a font and do some serious keyboard remapping. Some fonts also have a PETSCII mapping in the Private Use Area.
  19. Intéressant, beaucoup de Canadiens français ont immigré en Nouvelle-Angleterre depuis le début du 19e siècle en effet, dû à une pénurie de terre et d'ouvrage au Québec. Je ne connais aucun tutorial de 6502 en français non plus, mais j'imagine que les manuels ont été traduits. J'imagine que la C64 était vendue surtout pour les jeux et vu que le français est quand même compréhensible sans accents c'était pas très nécessaire de modifier la ROM, mais il y avait quand même des traitements de texte qui supportaient les accents. C'était surtout les traitements de texte et les trucs du genre qui en avaient besoin, donc le support était plus par application.
  20. From experience, mechanical keyboards for keyboard enthusiasts goes upwards of C$100, and the keyboard on sale now is designed to be a deluxe keyboard, and the keyboard that would come with the X16 will be more low-cost. I guess it's the one that would give the team the most profit.
  21. Tiens, moi je viens de Québec Peut-être, faudrait voir avec les admins. @MattGrandis @Perifractic what do you think about a French subforum? On one hand it could be nice to offer support in other languages (if one of the staff/mods speaks that language), and see programs written in French, for instance, but at the same time, not everyone understands French.
  22. On commence à avoir une grosse communauté francophone par ici I did heard of the C256, but opinions were kinda divisive from what I heard. Maybe too ambitious for what it is? But eh, kinda sad to see this abandoned.
  23. I've written a tutorial a while ago on how to use BASIC to generate webpages, as how you would use PHP, it's almost useless but thought you guys'll want to see that https://toasters.rocks/esoteric-uses-of-cgi/
  24. Yeah, you'll probably want to try the indie game scene first. Keep your job security, it's gonna be used to finance your games. And at this point you could probably just do whatever you want, sell that on Steam or Itch, until you got something to be somewhat popular, and then you have a nice portfolio to show to the big AAA companies if you want.
  25. Yeah, it's never recommended to open a disk image with anything while it's mounted in the host filesystem, mostly due to caching and weird stuff the operating system do. It's not just an emulator problem, I'd say.
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