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  1. I really respect the MEGA65 project and what they are achieving. With the injection molded replica case, refurbished floppy drives and completely custom keyboard (even managing to recreate the size of the original C65 spacebar and achieving the PETSCII chars on the front of the keys) they really are bringing Commodore's final 8-bit machine to life. For me the appeal of the X16 is the simple VIC-20 like architecture, the real [socketed] 65C02, strong community and the potential for completely new software and hardware add-ons. Only... this time I get to choose the essentials that need to be purchased instead of my parents! It's also an ideal educational system for teaching children hardware, assembly language, computing history etc. The X16 development has been a bit below radar, I'm hoping once it is released there will be regular YouTube content. If so, I'm all in. In fact, I'd love to be a patreon of an official dedicated X16 YouTube channel with curated content from the community and thoughts/discussion from the project leaders. I would even have some ideas for the format and some episode ideas... Back to you in the studio @Perifractic
  2. I guess, since we're still talking about it ... I originally mentioned the controller ports because I thought the ports on the rear of a desktop (that was also placed further back behind a keyboard) would be significantly further away than front-facing ports on a keyboard-less console. Perhaps half a metre or more. But -- perhaps people sit closer to monitors than TVs, so it's not really an issue.
  3. I think the color is still being decided and may be heading for a vote...
  4. Can someone explain the '16' in 'X16'? I can't find an explanation anywhere. It seems clear that the machine was always intended to be 8-bit, or as close to 8-bit as possible.
  5. Yes, I'm imagining a 3D printed mount inside. I suspect this isn't worth driving the cost up, unless the prices are fairly comparable. But I do think other people will think of other uses.
  6. I agree - I don't want to plug controllers into the front... What I'm looking for is space for some of us to add a cartridge slot for farily large ROM cartridges. It may not be a common request in the early years of the X16's release, but it's something that people may become more interested in if X16 cartridges become more available in the future. I don't think you should leave the entire bay there (because of the cost), but it sounds like leaving the door could increase intrigue and inpire all sorts of unexpected uses? (A key aim of the X16P is hackability/expandability?) In my case I'd create an expansion card inside the machine with a ribbon cable to a custom cartridge slot panel at the front (there really isn't space for something that big anywhere else). I can then pop the door down and slot in a nice chunky cartridge. For me, the argument is whether to weld the Porsche's bonnet shut?
  7. I'm not sure whether it's too late to influence the choice of case... but if you could give us a blanking plate on the front (i.e. a 3.5" of 5.25" bay) it would make it easier for people to add custom ports or a cartridge slot at the front. I'm really interested in making ROM cartridges, but some people may want to plug their SNES controllers into the front... etc.
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