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  1. Concerto

    This is an old video (hopefully I'll be able to make a new one soon):
    The CONCERTO synthesizer is what I intend to be the sound generating side of a music making software for the Commander X16. It uses the 16 voices of the VERA and the 8 voices of the YM2151 and aims to get the very maximum out of them. It is not quite there yet but has a lot of strengths already. The main features:
    32 synth timbres (i.e. sounds) 16 monophonic channels, each playing a dynamically assigned synth timbre up to 4 PSG oscillators and 1 YM2151 voice per timbre up to 3 envelopes and 1 LFO per timbre pitch, volume and pulse width modulation vibrato volume control per voice ("velocity") pitchbend, volume and vibrato automation save and load presets / banks (a bank is the entirety of all 32 loaded timbres) comes with one bank of "factory" sounds The whole sound engine is exposed via an API that can be used by other applications. Concerto also comes with a player.
    If you have problems with the audio quality in the "Try it now", download and run in the offline emulator with the command line option "-abufs 12" or more.
    To use file loading and saving, you must use an SD card.
    For more information, look into the README and the source files and/or send me a PM.
    If you find bugs, please let me know, or post an issue on GitHub.
    Find the devlog here: https://www.commanderx16.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1079-concerto-dev-log/ 
    Find m00dawgd's Command Tracker which will likely use Concerto: https://www.commanderx16.com/forum/index.php?/topic/978-command-tracker-dev-log/


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  2. Off The Floor (music demo)

    A simple 8-bar loop song bringing you dance floor vibes.
    To reduce jitter and audio dropouts, run the demo locally.
    It uses all 16 PSG voices and a couple of FM voices.
    Would you like to code some graphics to be accommodated by this song? Send me a PM 🙂


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  3. Tiny PCM Synth

    I wanted to explore the possibilities with the PCM output. This tiny synth generates a sweet tone from three sine waves, coated in a thin shiny silver layer of aliasing. To spice it up, I also added a delay effect. You can play it with your keyboard. Use Z and X to switch octaves.
    I do not plan to follow this route any further, because the possibilities are quite limited with the X16. I am sure one could do better than I did, but the X16 doesn't have enough power to provide a whole lot of flexibility in the sound generation (at least with PCM).
    Find the source here: https://github.com/biermanncarl/cx16-tiny-pcmsynth
    Feel free to reuse the code for your own projects!


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