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  1. Yes, I am quite happy using it. My use case is fairly simple compared to how some of the folks on the mailing list are using it, but it has dramatically simplified my development flow. I currently write to the onboard flash memory and set it to load automatically at power on. So far I have not experienced any issues whatsoever. I appreciate your work on developing and sharing this project. It has definitely helped resolve a pain point for me.
  2. Just a quick follow up. I started down the road of building my own eeprom emulator when I stumbled across the EPROM Emulator project by Kris Sekula. I built the kit and I have it working with my BE6502 setup and it works pretty much the way I imagined. It is designed to emulate a 27cXXX eprom, but with just a couple minor changes (pin 1 and pin 27) I am able to use it in place of the 28cXXX eeprom. Now I am able to write 6502 assembly in VSCode and use a Makefile to build and deploy the code directly on to the BE6502. It even triggers the reset line after code is deployed.
  3. Oh cool, thanks for the details and the quick response!
  4. Good evening folks, I've been researching the YM2151 chip and I have couple questions. First, it appears this chip only has a digital output and I'm curious how the X16 is handling the digital to analog conversion. From the docs I've read, Yamaha typically paired this with a YM3012, but I didn't know if that was how the X16 is doing it. Second, I know one of the goals of the X16 is to use readily available parts but I'm having trouble sourcing this chip anywhere besides eBay. I'm just curious where folks are sourcing these chips. --Luke
  5. Thanks for sharing! When there is more time, I would love to hear more details of what the issue was as well as the fix. That way we can all learn from this, which at least for me, learning something new is the whole reason I'm here.
  6. That is a good call. I'm concerned about bent pins myself. I didn't consider a breadboard compatible ZIF socket.
  7. Thanks for sharing BackBit. I'd not heard of this project. I'll look into this approach. I had considered rolling my own with a Arduino mega and some SPI flash memory as I'm familiar with both, but I'm worried about timing.
  8. I am currently working on Ben Eater's 6502 project and I'm getting tired of popping out the eeprom each time I want to program it. That got me to thinking that this must be a common issue and I thought someone here might have run across this. Perhaps a flash chip that provides a virtual eeprom interface? Maybe I'm just dreaming, but thinking bigger than this project, perhaps it could be incorporated into a cartridge with a USB interface and then my C64 could be programmed like an Arduino. For now I will continue popping the eeprom in and out of the breadboard, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. --Luke
  9. I've been browsing the free basic documentation... Does it currently support the 6502 processor, or would it require porting?
  10. I will probably end up with both systems. I have experience with FPGA, so that isn't a religious issue for me. I spend my days on modern computers working in modern languages. In my heart I yearn for simpler times. I deal with so many layers of abstraction in my day to day that the idea of a single core with a single address space gives me a sense of peace. I like X16 because I hopefully will have access to the hardware schematics at some point, so I can understand the system soup to nuts. I also like the possibility of creating my own expansion cards. I'm planning to begin playing with developing some simple programs over winter break. The Mega65 has increased memory and processor power as well as network capabilities which opens some interesting possibilities. I would love to have a system that I could use as part of my daily workflow, and the Mega65 might be able to run a simple remote shell, a code editor and a simple mail client. I totally agree with some of the earlier comments that the community is what makes or breaks projects like these. I am excited to be a part of the X16 community and plan to explore the Mega65 community as well. -Luke
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