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  1. interesting ill definitely be backing this. is there anywhere i can get the other annuals?
  2. so i have a mac se and a mac classic II both are not working. the SE the monitor won't turn on. the classic monitor turns on but it has the vertical line problem. i opened the SE first cause i thought that would be easy maybe the monitor got unplugged or something. however im not sure if i did this or if it was like this but the analog board came loose and i heard a sizzle. im not sure if that was the crt discharging or if a wire touched the bare connector. so i think that solves the problem? if the board came loose when i opened the case then its a mystery but i may have a cluse. the bare pins that connect to the analog board appear at least to me to be bent i took a picture which ill post but its kind of blurry ill take a new one tomorrow since ive already been at this awhile. another mystery is someone seems to have been inside this before. there are two scsi cable that are loose and a molex connector thats not plugged into anything. this computer has two floppies so both cables and the connector should be plugged in. another issue i saw was at least to me the caps appear to be about to burst. also the brown areas on the board is that corrosion or the way the board is? i see lots of those brown areas.
  3. didnt think so. why did they stop selling these and do the gameboy?
  4. 1. Maniac Mansion/DOTT(i played DOTT first) 2. Kings Quest 3. Space Quest 4. Police Quest i think 3 is the one about the teenager whos murdered? you find his body in a dumpster 5. Torin's Passage(who else knows this game?) 6. Super Mario RPG(fav mario version and fav SNES game) 7. all the legend of zelda games don't really have a fav. 8. Sonic 9. Who Framed Roger Rabbit(NES game) 10. quest for glory i never really played many atari games we did have both a atari 2600 and a colecovision but due to it getting milk splited on it we didnt play it much. i was and still am a PC gamer i do own consoles and i loved my SNES. i had a NES SNES and a Genesis and while Sonic is my fav Genesis game i don't remember playing any other games. Was double dragon on the Genesis?
  5. wow ive never heard of this. im assuming it wasn't a color display? interesting nintendo had the tech to miniaturize this stuff back then. why did they stop making them? i could see this being as big as the gameboy if nintendo had stuck with it. as a child of the 80s im seriously shocked i had never heard of this my parents wouldn't have bought me one but i would of borrowed begged and stole to get one. finally did get a gameboy color later on but never played it due to the crappy display.
  6. the suspense is killing me. were you able to get it working?
  7. seems a little silly to me. somehow i don't remember this at all im assuming it was before the gameboy? i really really wanted a gameboy but we couldn't afford one and my parents wren't going to spend money on something like that.
  8. wonder if i should ask how much for the tv? i think thats cool also.
  9. OMG!! guys check this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/APPLE-1-Original-1976-Computer-System-1st-Steve-Wozniak-designed-computer-and/174195921349?hash=item288ee2d1c5:g:UNoAAOSwWqtdrkDz im not really sure this is real but the photos seem convincing. Ebay is an interesting place to sell this and if i had more money then sense i would definetely buy it. not because its a great computer but because its a piece of history being a byte shop model. Now that the nerdgasm is over show of hands who thinks its fake?
  10. didn't really look at it in great detail. i meant in terms of specs its better. guess the search continues.
  11. i would never attempt half the things that David does. A friend of my grandfathers who worked on TV's in the 50s killed himself trying to repair one. He touched the wrong thing and got electrocuted. One of my college professor's who worked on the UNIVAC had a bolt of lightning shoot out his nose from trying to repair a tv. Even really really really smart people make mistakes we are human not perfect.
  12. i had both a NES, SNES and a genesis. i no longer have them though when i moved away from my childhood home we left that stuff there. however when i unpacked i found a zelda cart not sure why it got packed since i didn't bring the system.
  13. this is a better one: https://www.amazon.com/Eyoyo-Monitor-1024x768-Resolution-Portable/dp/B01FHDL1DE/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=portable+vga+monitor+4%3A3&qid=1603381011&sr=8-4
  14. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012ZRYDYY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 it has vga so im set. its a bit on the small side but it would work in a pinch if i cant find something else. Could this monitor be included as a option with the x16? as i said it doesn't have to be big just something so people can get started on day one and not have to worry about a monitor.
  15. knew i wasn't crazy for thinking it had composite. the preliminary search i did yesterday didn't turn up much but ill keep looking. i wonder if any company especially Chinese still make CRT monitors? ill do some searching and if i find anything ill post it here. i still think the easiest thing would be to include a monitor as an option it doesn't have to be very big but something. I did buy a 7 inch monitor from amazon for my rpi and now that im thinking about it i think it had multiple outputs on it.
  16. So i know this is going to have composite and vga inputs the problem is i have nothing that can display either of these formats. would there be the possibility of adding a monitor to this? or maybe someone can post where they have found either a composite or vga tv/monitor. i did a quick search on alibaba and found this: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/haina-2020-wholesale-CKD-SKD-opeitonal_62278750236.html?spm=a2700.pc_countrysearch.main07.22.143e5b875J0e8M The only issue i have is its a bit on the large size. i would like something between 8-12 inches, for those of you who are using retro pc's(general term) what kind of monitor are you using? Keeping with the focus of this project i do not want to get an old tv or monitor from the 80s. I have thought about doing that and i may but not for this project.
  17. no i fit into the group of "take my money i want everything". ive been wanting to buy an actual c64 for a long time however since moving i do not know where i would put it. at least with this is a smaller(?) package that can go infront of an old tv or monitor. i have messed both with VICE and retropie.
  18. the browns have parts that take away the click. i read a really good article explaining the different switches and what they do. im unable to find it now but the reply i made to OP has a link to another good one. the one i found before told you everything you wanted to know plus more about keyboards switches. ill do some googling and if i find it ill post it here.
  19. you don't need clicky keyboards to get a good feel. the "tactile bump" switches will give you that without the clickiness. browns are good for this and i believe some blacks also have a good bump to them. you can really customize your keyboards with wasd which is why i like them and why they are hideously expensive.
  20. should of read this before replying to the OP. thats actually a really clever way to design it. i wonder if i could buy this with blank keycaps and use it with a c64 mini? i guess i could make stickers and cover them.
  21. mechanical keyboards and the word cheap are oxymorons. plan to spend at least $200 for a good one.
  22. Cherry Brown switches are also silent. when you look at the keyboard page any switch that says tactile bump is silent. anything with a click is clicky. i like the clicky sounds of a keyboard but i know it can be distracting especially to other people around you. one caveat with this keyboard however is its a ps/2 connection. most(any?) modern computers do not have ps/2 connectors. i don't know if such a thing as ps/2 to usb adapter is a thing but that is what you would need to plug this into anything made in say the last 10 years. also check this out: https://switchandclick.com/2020/01/06/guide-to-common-mechanical-keyboard-switches-cherry-mx/
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