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  1. Hey Matej. So good to see you at work here. As I produced my first "album" on FT2, have been a rock/electronic producer, sound engineer and am now a hardware designer manufacturer with Sonicsmith I was eying on developing a "serious" studio expansion card for the X16. Not sure it's economically viable but if I worried about that I wouldn't get into the hardware business. Also would be happy to be of help with demo'ing or testing of any sort. I'm not a programmer at all, just a geek (done some QA for firewalls TCP/IP before). I hope debugging the X16 goes well because while my company may be focused on audio-pitch to CV and MIDI at the moment, we also developed a UART plug n' play kind of protocol for hi speed bi directional music communication. Check out the MIDVertor E1 "mainframe" kind of Eurorack modular synth. https://sonicsmith.com/products/midvertor-e1/ It would so nice if we can get this "sonicsmith" 4-pin header compatible with an expansion slot card with onboard acceleration for high quality audio in/out and perhaps optical 8 channel? I really don't know how strong the X16 will be.
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