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  1. Just also want to give my opinion on this. As some said before: For me real thing can only be the x16. Like I was hooked when I saw the front page of the web site: Inexpensive, relatable, educational.. a real CPU, not emulation. Im just a hobby programmer and I dont know much about FPGA and those things so dont take my opinion as too important, but as far as I understand, the x8 is exactly not that, its more like a raspberry. So wouldnt be too interested in this. I want the real old skool stuff, with factory new parts, thats why Im here. I can totally understand that one would fill up the cash stack but this is not what got me excited in the "Building my dream computer..." Youtube video.
  2. Sorry I didnt answer in a while. So no physical books you could recommend? But the tips are very helpful, super excited to read the C64 manual.
  3. Hi everyone, I think there are already some really good infos to start to learn about programming the x16, also if you´re not familiar with C or Assembly before, like in the community wiki. However I would like to go "old skool" and read a book that maybe goes a little deeper and maybe is also written in a fun way, not just like a book that you would buy as a, lets say, computer science student. Now I guess there are no books on the X16 itself (or are they?), so my idea is to buy a book about the C64, that teaches a bit assembly and a bit Basic. My question is now: Is it fine to read about C64 to learn about the X16? From what I understand is they are pretty similar to program? Would you say its a good idea this way, or do you even have some books you can recommend? I want to buy a book that is, like the parts of the X16, still available anywhere (not a book from the 80s from ebay) and not too expensive. Like this for example, anyone saw this before? What do you think of it? https://www.retrogamedev.com/c64edition Any help or ideas much appreciated, Dan
  4. Thanks for the nice welcome! I have to admit if I hear Land of Chocolate I also think Switzerland, dont know what the Simpsons were thinking haha. @Perifractic Your channel seems to be just my thing, will watch! Thanks! @desertfish Kotlin is cool, do you develop Apps with it? I have to mantain some legacy Java Android apps at work, so no Kotlin for me sadly. I read about Prog8 in another thread about programming languages for the X16. I will be honest here and say that I want to get into Assembler and Basic first, but I will definetly check it out sooner or later. X16 Programming is such a diverse thing Respect for writing your own language!
  5. The abstraction is really a good point. The lack of it is what makes it so exciting. The fact that you can just write a value to a memory address, and see the results instantly, it blew my mind. According to The Simpsons, it´s Germany. But I dont really know why
  6. First I want to say its amazing that this board has a "introduce yourself"-section, makes it so much more personal. I´ve been watching all the usual-suspect-retro-youtubers for years, 8BG himelf, LGR, AVGN etc... Im too young to have ever owned a c64 or anything from that era. This week I discovered the Maximite 2, watched the 8BG review of it, where he mentioned the X16, and then I was infected! Im so hyped right now. I work as a software developer as my day job but I have no idea about 6502 assembly, basic, and so on. Super excited to learn it though! My long-term goal is to write a video game for the x16, right now im diving into the documentation: Basic, VERA, cc65, Millfork, Kick Assembler. Evaluating what is possible, it´s like I opened the gates to whole new world of computing! Feeling like Homer in the Land of Chocolate (where I happen to be from! ) Wishing everyone a great time and have a nice Sunday! Daniel
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