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  1. I have "complete" working setups for Commodore 64, and Apple IIe. - Commodore 64 Breadbin I have on display in my living room with a Commodore 1702 monitor, Joysticks, and cartridges. I also have a 64C, C2N datasettes, 1541 and 1571 Disk drives, and a mountain of copied floppies I get thrown in with a used lot I bought a while ago. - Apple IIe, 2 Disk Drive II drives (I couldnt find a better way to write that), a good variety of disks - many originals - number munchers anyone? Also a joystick that needs repair, and a printer I've never tested. I have a TI-99/4A, and a sampling of DOS/Windows Laptops: - IBM Thinkpad 350 (1993) - DOS/Windows 3.11 - Compaq LTE 286 (1989) - doesn't really work - IBM Thinkpad 600E (1998) Windows 98/2000 An Apple PowerBook G3 (Pismo) that I turned into a digital picture frame like 10 years ago. I also have old nintendo stuff, which I LOVE, but it's less interesting to me from a collecting standpoint, and a pile of early Macbooks that won't get interesting for a few more years. I'm hoping to get into the Atari 8-bit line soon.
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