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  1. I have loved tech and software for about 9 years now and I have been an anime and manga fan for about 3-4 years now. I was wondering similar to how there is extremely accurate sports anime out there is there any computing or programming aniems that are interesting to well programming and CS engineers. Animes or mangas that have realistic plot lines with tech and interesting breakdowns of technology. Obviously given that tech at this level is not exactly action packed a slice of life type anime is what I mean. Im even fine with any live action movies or TV shows
  2. Hey guys, I'm pretty new to hardware. I've loved software since I was 13 but lost touch due to mental health but I'm rekindling my joy for it. What's interesting retro tech and limitations in hardware and software and my new favourite thing. I'm 22 and hoping to learn more. Idk if it's selfish but as I'm still battling my mental health I m looking for things to get hands dirty in. I've been dreaming and contemplating of doing various projects but haven't started. I'm hoping following along to this amazing project and maybe even trying my luck at designing my own thing might get me to get off my butt. This is such an awesome and cool project, there should be a slice of life manga and anime about this whole project. I would definitely read that.
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