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  1. We're getting there -- slowly. At least the code is sort of displaying my HELLO WORLD message, although it seems the VERA RAM is completely corrupt. What is also odd, is that the text I am writing is also messing up the colours. https://gist.github.com/massyn/569402a4497a77f59bd54c7a34d7e81a What am I missing? Should the VRAM be cleared out? If so, why is the text i am printing not setting the colour uniformly?
  2. This is excellent. I was able to recode this example into VASM, and it was working. What I'm trying to do, is to have a "Hello World" example that runs as a raw ROM image, with the idea of creating a completely separate operating system that can run on the same X16 hardware. I am close -- I think there is just something off with the VERA initialization. Any ideas here would greatly help. https://gist.github.com/massyn/569402a4497a77f59bd54c7a34d7e81a
  3. Absolutely! Writing the font is not necessary.. Default font would do.
  4. Hi everyone, I have seen examples of a basic "hello world" app using the built-in functions ($FFD2) I am however looking for a "Hello world" code example that does not rely on the built-in functions at $FFD2. I would imagine the code would contain some functions like initialize which would include loading of a font, and some functions to place a character on the screen.
  5. Hi everyone, I am experimenting with VERA, and I'm not sure if my assembly equivalent of the VPOKE is entirely accurate. The problem is the asm does not seem to run, but the VPOKE does what it is supposed to. The snippit below is replicated 8 more times to change a character on the screen (using the example at https://www.8bitcoding.com/p/tiles.html) ; VPOKE $0,$F800,%00111100 stz $9F25 lda #$00 sta $9F20 lda #$F8 sta $9F21 lda #$0 sta $9F22 lda #$3C sta $9F23
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