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  1. I am a little confused here. (Normal for me) Can this be called from BASIC or only ASM programs at this point?
  2. Yeah, if you do not fry something every so often you are not trying hard enough...
  3. Would love to see an extended BASIC that can be tucked into one of the ROM banks like say something like DotBASIC: http://dotbasic.cbm8bit.com/about.html Or even the addition of Commodore BASIC V7 commands in ROM somewhere. http://dotbasic.cbm8bit.com/dc.html -- .BASIC command summery. I played with these years ago.
  4. This is real good stuff. Sometimes I think people forget this is still a BASIC machine.
  5. David can blow up what ever he wants. Paper clip? I have no issue. (Done that myself) Cut a computer in half and I will smile, laugh and cry with you. We are all here to have fun and learn and if people have an issue with that then do not watch the channel. Keep it up David. You are doing just fine.
  6. @TomXP411 Great job. Thanks for sharing the BASIC code!
  7. For me i would like one in text mode mode. Not graphics. ASM routines for windows (drawing, saving) and printing - getting text on the screen and then just standard BASIC that glues it all together. Store common color - system vars in banked memory. That way the community can extend it. Something like this.
  8. I agree, GEOS was written in a different time and really, what are you going to do with it?
    This could be the beginning of a REAL built in BASIC programming editor. Very nice work.
    Well written. I even understood it! Would like to see more content like this.
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