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  1. im a bit bummed the case is going away -- would be nice to offer a template to at least be able 3d print our own case. id like the preassembled X16 personally. I dont mind paying extra for it.
  2. @TomXP411, those look excellent. Would you mind sharing where you got those labels from or how you got them made? I would like to try your method if possible.
  3. In Linux I use SysReq to do a low-level reboot of the system and to kill excess tasks via "Magic SysReq" commands. Also, there many 3D design programs that use those keys for some special functions. I am not a fan that this functionality is buried by the C64 commands. However, I do like that I can restore this visible labeling by just adding it back by having WASD Keys make me a key cap for it. Yes, its going to be pricey, but I am happy to pay to keep having the option to have options. Thanks for explaining the functionaility you are aware of -- I find it useful to know what the intended purpose was of these keys.
  4. I just removed the image. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. I recently got a bulky PS/2 KVM switch (that I LOVE) and I ordered a Perifrac... erm Perixx Mouse named "Perimice-209" -- https://perixx.com/collections/mice/products/11529 This mouse is excellent and feels very fluid and responsive compared to other mice I have tried. This makes me wonder -- will the Commander X16 have a branded mouse? That would be so cool!
  6. Thank you @Perifractic -- I'll update this thread when I actually get these made. Might make for good fun.
  7. Thank you for your thoughtful responses. It is good to know that the traditional functionality will exist unscathed. However, I do have an interest in redesigning those keys on my keyboard when it arrives just so I can feel a sense of finality. @Perifractic, would you mind if I could have the name of the font used for those keys? I would be willing to pay WASD to make custom key caps for me. I like to tinker, and I think it would be a fun little project to find a way to make the full functionality able to exist descriptively on those keys even if they are indeed rarely used keys.
  8. Hi -- I have just decided I'd like to get the Commander X16 Deluxe Keyboard but I have one small but somewhat irksome concern. I see the keys typically labeled SysReq/PrtSc, Scroll Lock and Pause/Break have been replaced with Commander X16 equivalents. I think this is fine, but it seems somewhat inconsistent with the rest of the keyboard which seems to visually support more traditional characters. I understand this was likely done due to space constraints on the key, which is fine. I am wondering if the newly labeled keys still function as "SysReq/PrtSc, Scroll Lock and Pause/Break" when this keyboard is not used with the Commander X16. I plan to use this keyboard to drive all my computing accross my many computers on my trust PS/2 KVM switch. Also -- I would like to ask WASD Keyboards if I can modify my buttons to include the missing text. I am currently waiting for their response.
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