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  1. On 10/8/2021 at 9:12 PM, JimmyDansbo said:

    DB will definitely work for !BYTE, but ACME tries to ensure that things that are defined as !PET or !SCR gets put into memory in such a way that characters typed in the source is the same when assembled and run on the target computer. You can you use DB instead of !PET and !SCR, but then you will need to ensure that correct conversion of characters is done. Your assembler may have other ways of storing strings.

    Yes it's compiles ok, but will it run ok? CPY and CPX I will need to get a number of source examples so I can work out what they do and how you would get the Z80 to do it.

  2. On 10/8/2021 at 8:48 PM, JimmyDansbo said:

    !BYTE, !PET & !SCR looks to me like they are pseudo opcodes used by the ACME assembler. You would have to look up the equivalent codes for the assembler you are using for the Z80.

    There is no way of directly translating CPY and CPX to Z80 assembly, but the Z80 has its own compare instructions: http://z80-heaven.wikidot.com/instructions-set:cp

    disclaimer: I am by no means fluent in Z80 assembly and had to look up the CP instruction before I could write this reply.

    Thanks for the help, the original source code is quite large. I've converted everything else, yes there is no equivalent for CPY and CPX hence the question. !BYTE, !PET and !SCR are not 6502 commands they are commodore directives and yes they to compile in ACME, they don't compile in XA. I'm think DB may work for !BYTE,!PET,!SCR but will probably have to change the logic. Hopefully someone with experience porting Commodore games to Z80 Machines or Apple II can shed some light.

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