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  1. I was wondering if you were going to go down the FPGA route with no expansion, why not just have a small ARM board and run an emulator? I understand that FPGA is hardware but from the end users perspective it is just a chip on a board doing a thing, it is almost irrelevant if it is fpga hardware or software emulation. Have a custom Linux install for say a Raspberry Pi which can boot straight to the emulator and thats it, a Commander X16/X8 without custom hardware. Not trying to be controversial but the question is what is more important, the hardware, the software or both? If hardware go Phase 1, if software Phase 3/Arm emulation, if both then Phase 2.
  2. When I saw that I immediately thought, oh he is waiting for the computer to be finalised. My understanding (and apologies if I am wrong) is that, for one thing, the sound system still isn't set. It wouldn't make much sense to develop for the current system only to find out it has completely changed and that part has to be totally rewritten. I do a little programming myself mostly microcontroller, but change one seemingly little part and you may need to rewrite chunks of other parts as well. Its why I am waiting for the final product with its user manual, I don't want to learn something and then have to unlearn it!
  3. Opportunity to add one via expansion slots?
  4. Just a thought, but if you need a "noob" as a beta tester for the manual I am more than happy to oblige!
  5. I can’t wait for the PDF version of the manual to be released. I want to get started learning how to program the computer. Had a look at older manuals for the C64 but given many of the changes and that I never had a Commodore C64 (I was a BBC boy!) I am starting from scratch anyway. Means I can start without any preconceptions :)
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