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  1. I don't mind the use of FPGA's and CPLD's. I see them as ASIC's.
  2. My first choice: The Phase-2 X16 with FM chip in a mini-itx format. Preferably a complete system assembly with the keyboard included. My Second choice: The Phase-2 X16 with FM chip in a mini-itx format, bundled with some stickers and IO shield, so that I could install it in any SFF-case of choice. Keyboard included. About the X8. I would buy it too. And add free open source case design for 3D-printing, that users can download. It’s a perfect product for those who want a base model. As for Phase 1, it seems it might be expensive and demand a ton of work. It would only make sense to make it DIY kit, because this product really appeal to people who would like to tinker with it anyways. A bundle of parts, case and keyboard seems like a great idea.
  3. How about making a case design at protocase.com? Someone could make a design in their proprietary CAD software and people could download the file and order one themselves. Not sure the cost of that though. I'm just having an open mind.
  4. Three editions: 1. X16 DIP DIY kit. 2. X16 Phase 2 Pre-assembled complete system with keyboard bundle and case. 3. X8 Phase 3 low cost pre-assembled PCB only.
  5. 640x360 would be pixel perfect with HD, 1440p and 4K displays. I would like to know if this was considered. It makes sense mathematically at least.
  6. I only had a Sega Master System back in the day, but I had friends with NES, Mega Drive, SNES and C64. 1. Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's trap. (SMS, A clear winner for me). 2. Super Mario Bros 3. (NES). 3. Sonic 2 (SMS). 4. Sonic (MD). 5. Castle of Illusion, Mickey Mouse (SMS). 6. Land of Illusion, Mickey Mouse. (SMS). 7. Top Gear (SNES). 8. Final Fantasy Series (SNES). 9. Great Basket Ball (SMS). 10. Jurassic Park. (SMS).
  7. A 640x360 resolution, would that be possible? It’s supposed to be an 8-bit system for the modern world right? So a 21:9 ratio would be ideal. These old monitors might not live forever. This might require two different ratio modes though. I’m just brainstorming.
  8. I think I will get the X16 firstly. Once I get the hang of the programming, I might consider the MEGA65 out of curiosity. The X16 does seem to trigger my nostalgia on the basis of the architecture and limitations. The Mega65 seems to trigger my nostalgia on the basis of physical design. Nothing is perfect, would probably, be without a doubt, happy with either or both. I like these for different reasons. X16: Strictly consistent with the 8-bit experience. The MEGA65 is a bit too much on the modern side. Expansion slots. Adds some performance compared to the old computers, and not by too much. New platform. FM tone generator. SNES gamepad support. (USB would've been better though). The Community. Omega 65: C64 compatibility. Formfactor / Classic Design. This gives some nostalgic feel, because modern computers aren't built like this today. HDMI output. Mechanical keys as standard. I kinda like the idea of a floppy drive. Too bad more advanced features defeats it's purpose.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Robin. Nice to meet you! I'm so excited about the Commander X16, that I felt I needed to belong here, so here I am! After watching David's channels for a while, the nostalgia got to my head, making me remember my own 8-Bit days. I used to have a Sega Master System, and I really miss it. I miss the sound, the pixels, the charm and not to mention the fun! Everyone else had the NES back in the day, but I was proud of my Sega, it had better colors... And Wonder Boy III - The Dragons Trap was a very good game! A friend of mine used to have a Commodore 64 when I was a teenager. Unfortunately I never got to opportunity to spend much time with it. This is where the Commander X16 comes in. I can see myself contribute to the Commander X16, either by making compatible hardware accessories, games or music(DAW) software in the future. I'm currently making an FPGA based hardware FM synthesizer with a ton to learn. I expect it to take maybe 3 years. But this new knowledge might be the basis for my contribution here. I've done some BASIC tutorials with the help of the "BASIC for Dummies" book. Same with C and Verilog. I'm currently a beginner. But I'll get there! Cheers!
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