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  1. Ah ok thanks, I managed to run it via -prg. I didn't know -prg works with the local filesystem!
  2. Hi Andy, having lower case letters show like petscii chars (lines etc) when I do DOS"$"
  3. Hi all, I am trying the emulator and I've downloaded a demo and also the game INVADERZ. I've mounted the empty img file via sudo losetup -P /dev/loop210 images/sdcard.img sudo mount /dev/loop210p1 /mnt/sdcard and copied the demo & INVADERZ files to /mnt/sdcard. Then unmounted the sdcard: sudo umount /mnt/sdcard sudo losetup -d /dev/loop210 Started the emulator: x16emu -scale 3 -keymap en-gb -sdcard images/sdcard.img Then loaded the INVADERZ.PRG and run it. It starts, does some random initialisation graphics but then I get a blank screen. My guess is that it can't load the files? ls /mnt/sdcard/ BG-L1.BIN BG-L3.BIN BG-L5.BIN BG-L7.BIN BG-TITLE.BIN ENEMY2.BIN ENEMY4.BIN ENEMY6.BIN EXPLODE.BIN LASER.BIN PAL-L2.BIN PAL-L4.BIN PAL-L6.BIN PAL-SKY.BIN PHASER.BIN SHIELD050.BIN STDPAL.BIN BG-L2.BIN BG-L4.BIN BG-L6.BIN BG-SKY.BIN ENEMY1.BIN ENEMY3.BIN ENEMY5.BIN ENEMY7.BIN INVADERZ.PRG PAL-L1.BIN PAL-L3.BIN PAL-L5.BIN PAL-L7.BIN PAL-TITLE.BIN PLAYER.BIN SHIELD100.BIN X16PAL.BIN Any ideas what may be wrong?
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