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  1. Just one last question: where did you learn all of this?
  2. Wow, thanks a lot for those comments, i will flag your comment as an awnser!
  3. Thanks so much! this almost solved this question. Can you just explain to me: How do i display a .bin file? after you have awnsered that question, i'll mark your comment as the awnser
  4. lda #>(VRAM_palette>>4) ldx #<(VRAM_palette>>4) ldy #<palette_fn jsr loadvram What do those ^ lines to (the < > and >> in particular) i found that they are low/high byte operators and shifters but what do you use them for in this example? sorry if im asking to much questions, i just love learning Also, what do those numbers in brackets mean? ↓ ; A = VRAM address (19:12) ; X = VRAM address (11:4) ; Y = filename address (7:0)
  5. If you're wondering why I am not marking an awnser: I first want to get it working myself and make a new file where i start graphics mode and display a sprite and mark that as the awnser so people looking this up online have exactly what they need OR if someone posts an awnser specifically stating how to display sprites with a tiny bit of code.
  6. a few questions: What is screen 128 mode? Is there any way to get more color like 256 color mode?
  7. .include "x16.inc" .org $080D .segment "STARTUP" .segment "INIT" .segment "ONCE" .segment "CODE" what do these lines do ^ because i have never heard of a .segment?
  8. I was literally about to put in my status about how i hope i will someday get noticed by the great slithymatt and the first comment i ever get is from you, thank you! i will take a look
  9. Hello people, I have been doing some trial&error lately on how to get the Commander X16 into graphics mode and displaying sprites. Currently, my code is this and it outputs this. I use the ACME Cross Compiler if thats any special. I have tried to find it out myself by looking at the documentation but i haven't been able to make it work. I have also tried looking at the source code of other games but most of the games with sprites are made in BASIC (I want to make it in Assembly) or aren't open source. I have also searched online and searched on this forum but could not find anything regarding displaying sprites in assembly
  10. Hello and welcome to my profile, to learn more about me and for a link to my website, please visit my "About Me" page

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