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  1. You make some valid points. These are challenging times. Lead times are terrible to obtain all the parts. That also means however that the team has time to sort out the delivery of the product, not only the design or fixing the remaining bugs in the kernal. I wonder if we can help David and the team somehow. I mean, money is one, delivering is another. It's not realistic to assemble everything by the core team. What David needs is a skilled team of hardware capable people who can assemble the PCs on the fly. Maybe even in a distributed way. So to say some in the USA, some in the EU, some in Asia and some in Latin-America. A design concept would be great to have. Even better would be to assemble including a nice case, CX16-ed. I'm sure that money should not be that big of an issue. I mean especially for phase 1. It's such a unique concept. Such a great idea. It would be a shame to let this dream go. Even if it takes another year. Isn't it worth to do some joint out of the box thinking? Im sure that on this forum there are such capable people who could help with delivery.
  2. Thanks guys. This makes home computing interesting. Something new to try.
  3. Discovered the news just this week. The feedback of David is very human. It is a challenging project. And to do all of this endeavor without proper investment backing is courageous. However ... 1 million people watch his videos. So there is a genuine interest in his dream machine. There is a genuine interest in home computing. How would the risk be minimized if he would go for crowdfunding. First of all it would give the team immediate funds. Second it would bring the team some sort of advertisement. He needs about 50% of the cost to get the parts and materials. The rest is labour cost for assembly. And why China. Why not the US or the EU to assemble. I wanted to ask these questions. There are other retro computing projects that ask a 3 digit number starting with an 7 or 8 in € for a home computer. I feel cheap and phase 1 don't match. Phase 1 is the first design, and yes it will be more expensive. I just feel David is focused on cheap while this site probably had hobbyists who wouldn't care to fund or pay an extra € to help the team moving forward. Other thing is the case ... Is 3D printing an option? I do feel that the X16 needs a case. It gives the product an identity.
  4. I read your feedback with great interest. You have a lot of experience in this. I will do baby steps soon but hope to get some success out if it. As you know I'm building this heap manager in banked ram (BRAM) and VERA RAM (VRAM). Once this is finished I'll start with the ym2151. Also developing a game but taking it slower also due to lack of time. In the meanwhile I'm reading the web on ym2151 manuals. I'm specifically interested in how to create instruments and how the fm synthesis works. I remember the manual if the C64, which explained how to simulate a flute, trumpet, piano... Today I'm a but older so a good theoretical reference on fm synthesis and how to patch the sound would be very useful.
  5. I was very impressed on the youtube video of Matt, I have a question, is the current emulator capable to emulate the yahama chip, i mean, emulate the FM synthesis? Is there a demo in the downloads section that demonstrates this? Sven
  6. Do you know if it is possible to develop using the CC65 compiler in the CX16, and debug the c-code interactively in an IDE? Does somebody have experience with this?
  7. I don't get a lot of reactions, let me ask it differently, do you know a good case that kind of is "retro" and that can fit the CX16p card? The case should not be too large, preferably white.
  8. Just a note to let you all know that i'm still working on this. It is a lot of fun actually to play with the bits and the banking. I'll need to contact Jesper to optimize is cx16 compiler, but i plan to make a similar implementation for the CC65. I'll support both compilers.
  9. https://www.quietpc.com/ctc-coolcube-maxi I like the cube concept. Now that I need to make my own case I need to be sure. I'm no expert at all in case building. Sven
  10. It does yes. It is amazing.
  11. Maybe at the moderators, I accidentally put this in the wrong forum section. Maybe you can move this to "other topics" section?
  12. Note that the dark object on the right is not the mouse but my hat. It's been 30 years or more ...
  13. Welcome back ...
  14. i have a similar problem with my heap manager. I do the same. my headers are 8 bytes. I can store 1000 headers in one bank.
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