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  1. Check here: https://gitlab.com/Flight_Control/kickc/-/tree/CX16_VERA/src/test/kc/examples/cx16/SpaceDemo.
  2. Thank you! I'll try that. I generate these files using kickc and kickasm graphic file scanning capabilities. Upon example of @Jesper Gravgaard but having extendedit it heavily. I'll create in the data segments 2 bytes with the load address A000. This can be easily done and I'll let you know the result.
  3. That being said, I experience some weird phenomenon. When I load a binary file in banked memory using the LOAD kernal API, it seems that the data loaded is shifted with 2 bytes in the memory! Let's say I load a file in memory bank 3 at address A000. Then it really appears that the data loaded through the kernal api is starting at address 9FFE ... thus at A000 - 2! Do you experience a similar issue? Is there something I should know extra, about the LOAD api at $FFD5?
  4. Thanks all for your reactions and help. Just would like to say that I could resolve all my issues! Even more, I've created some exciting functions in C to load now files into banked memory, but also to copy banked memory directly into the VERA VRAM. The issue with the files not loading had nothing to do with the logic being wrong, it had to do with the location (work directory) from where the x16emu was loading. So, as a summary these are some rules: 1. Always check and ensure that x16emu can "see" the files. The directory from where x16emu is loaded (through the path), is the working directory, and x16emu will only see files in this directory. If you're not sure the files are there, just load x16emu. And type in x16emu LOAD "$" and then LIST. 2. The files should be written on your folder in UPPER case. The file name in your compiler should be also written in UPPER case. Then you'll be fine.
  5. Thank you but still no succes. Tomorrow is another day. Closing the laptop and going to dream about the solution. I think tomorrow I'll make a test program to scan all possible combinations quickly until I find it. Opening a file shouldn't be that hard.
  6. Thanks guys ... I'm really battling now for hours on this ... I have the code working to load a file, but I always get an error (4) as a return from the load statement. What do i need to do to find the file? I though the files at the directory where the x16emu was loaded, but it can never find the file ... grrr. I specify the name in capital letters. The file name on the disk is lower case. it's a binary file (graphic).
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is a small demo shows a short space scene over a panning background. Gradually I'll update this demo to more advanced versions.
  8. Space Flight View File This is a small demo shows a short space scene over a panning background. Gradually I'll update this demo to more advanced versions. Submitter svenvandevelde Submitted 01/25/21 Category Demos  
  9. So the addresses $A000 till $BFFF are banked. How can I load in assembly language binary data into these memory banks in the 512KB zone? F.e. tiles, sprites. To preload these graphical objects in the memory so that they can quickly be copied to the vram on the Vera. But how to load files in memory banks? Does somebody have an example assembly language routine?
  10. Embracing it will be. Another day ... another challenge... One thing is a fact. I'm already having LOADS of fun with the CX16! Many funny days are coming. I have another question but I need to ask in another thread. Thanks all.
  11. @GuybrushYes, but the thing is, in lower resolutions the stuff looks ... well ... yeah ... vintage ... I'm listening though ... I think it has been a while since I've been working at 320x200. It's getting back used to the resolution I guess ... I'll post something once i have it working (close).
  12. I see. So we are really facing the limits of the era of the technology of 8 bit. I'll follow up your advice and see what that brings us. Thanks for explaining, so it's not just about the memory, it's about the way the hardware was designed in early days. Didn't mean to be arrogant or upset you. We are programming here, and using the machine, learning it. I hope you understand that also we need to get used to this a bit. After your explanation I start to understand now better. So downsizing is the message ... Thank you. You can close down this post. Check out the vera resolution demo I've posted if not done already. ... This demo may not seem like a big deal, however, in the background a framework is in the make to control the vera in a user friendly C-code way. Vera Modes - Demo - Graphics Apps - Commander X16™ Community Kind regards, From a big fan
  13. Hello Lorin, I'm afraid it will be a showstopper for many. And I do understand the issue, when the team is already moving foward into production with the third prototype, after the issues were fixed with the 2nd prototype. The VERA made my blood go faster, having seen the modes and the 640x480 resolution, but once I started to really use it in the emulator, I noticed that memory availability and memory addressing is going to be really a limitation and it really locks down on the possibilities. Check out the attached program. Please consider carefully the feedback of your users. Sven Space.prg Space.c
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