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  1. Thanks for the suggestions but looking for the real deal ...
  2. Where would you buy in Europe an affordable 1351 mouse for my c128 and c64? On Ebay these are really expensive and over priced. Any suggestions?
  3. Gplden ram. Seems like a fine spot to manage and store hash tables of 512 bytes each !
  4. A 1581 on ebay quickly sets you off to 800€ ... I would love to have a working 1581, even in house made. It's just, I don't have the skills to solder and put it all together. I do have some old computer cases with some old 3 1/2 " drives in it. But how to build a new one is a whole other league.
  5. One thing I learn on the CX16 is that in order to do fancy things, like memory resource managers or heap managers, this results in a rather significant footprint of code and data. Like a hash management code and a hash table. Like linked lists and logic to manage these lists.... And the low memory area of the CX16 is limited, so it is important to ensure your game logic plus resource management logic all fits in the 0800 till 9Fxx memory area.
  6. True. The effort these crackers put in making intros or demos should be better spent on making good games.
  7. And it has a richer instruction set, correct? With a z register?
  8. First of all. Amazing and WOW! Secondly ... What is a W65C816S about? Sorry for my silly question. Is this a new processor?
  9. aha! that is it yes! TI$ or TIME$ returns nothing.
  10. Seeing your feedback, I immediately booted up the x16emu and the box16. And yes, they DO seem to have the TI functioning properly! But for sure I've seen zero as a result of PRINT TI ... Not sure however what that was again, but yes, it works!
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