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  1. Would that mean you could power the X16 with a USB power supply? They are easily obtainable in the 2 Amp range. Might also make the whole system cheaper. Just a thought.
  2. As I read people buying 300W power supplies for this project I wondered: How many Watts or Amps does an X16 actually need? I could not find it in the specs but maybe I looked at the wrong place. Does someone have an answer? Thank you.
  3. We'd also need an official port of Elite to the X16. Would make the X16 a real retro machine. Anybody have a good connection to David Braben? (And a couple of thousand quid.)
  4. Seeing this post about Dan Werners VIC: he apparently ported KERNAL to Atari XL machines: https://github.com/unbibium/atari64 Fascinating. Thanks to Thom Holwerda of osnews.com to bring this to my attention.
  5. The oldest graphics chip that is still manufactured is the Matrox G200 according to my knowledge. But I guess even that one is already too advanced.
  6. tl;dr Regarding the topic at hand an interresting angle one might pursue with promoting 8bit machines is their potentially relatively low power consumption which is an important topic nowadays. I have e.g. an AtMega running with only a 9V block here. The simplicity of their design also means less susceptibility to cyber security threats for e.g. power distribution systems. A system a few KB in size can be better understood than a 90Gb Operating system. Those are angles that might add some appeal and have real world implications but I might simply project my own interests there. Edit: Space eploration also needs low power/high reliability systems. Just a thought.
  7. I have the same. One of the reasons I rarely buy games anymore and playing all my "backlog" of games. I had the joy of expectation, so I want to actually experience them. Currently finished one and it felt really good. Now playing the bonus campaign.
  8. I had basically all my games from "other people" . The center of a distribution group lived almost straight across the street (until the cops busted him and I shamefully stayed away out of fear). I got myself "Green Beret" and "Testdrive II" for the C64 as originals though. I think that was all I got back in the day. The disks (original and copies) are still at my parents, probably deteriorated into unreadability. In the end, entropy wins.
  9. It would be really cool if somebody ported Elite to the X16. Even cooler if it were an officially sanctioned port. One can dream..
  10. even better in green (accidentially opened another post and couldn't delete it afterwards. sorry for that). (Picture credit: https://tjock-tv.blogspot.com/ ) Edit: That guy apparently collects TVs and Monitors for use with his parallel retro collection, with technical details. Impressive... and in swedish..
  11. Space Age.. (not mine but for sale). *sigh* (Hitachi P-52 if you want to look for one)
  12. Look for camping TVs. I got one with A/V input (mono only). Good enough for my NES. It even has a remote. Living in a PAL world here though.
  13. Not quite, it's more like musing about raising a whole line of race horses, found a dynasty and retiring with a business empire.. ... once you have that colt and won the race of course. ;-) Don't worry, I know this is not the time for so far fetched plans, that's why I added all those thoughts about the possible complications. Sorry if that wasn't specific enough, I'm just in the habit of thinking ahead and gauging possibilities.
  14. I just wonder if licensing the whole thing to a trustworthy party in Europe wouldn't be the more simple route. Just thinking about the Amstrad / Schneider deal back in the day (Amstrad never sold the CPC in germany, instead it was produced and sold as the Schneider CPC by Schneider AG) . Perrix already is a european company. The problematic thing is of course the question who constitutes a trustworthy party and whether the european market is worth the hassle. That would add a dimension to this endeavour that would probably complicate things too much, at least for the first model.
  15. For a time i had a Sharp MZ-700 (more precisely it was the MZ-731 but the label on the chassis apparently always says MZ-700). I never knew how / where my parents picked that one up. It had a built in 4-colour plotter and tape for programs which was really cool. I did a lot with that and once scored a free set of the min-pens it used on CeBIT. Some very limited sound capability (more of a beeper) but I did a lot on that machine in basic back in the day. Only looking it up now I realize it also had a Z80 at its heart and 64K. Somehow I wish I had a plotter unit again. It feels kinda neat. http://www.idealine.info/sharpmz/mz-700/first700.htm
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