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  1. Working from Alfa's post this will draw rectangles with a frame and a diagonal line in different colours. 10 SCREEN $80 20 VPOKE 1,$FA02,0 30 VPOKE 1,$FA03,0 40 FOR I=0 TO 20 50 X=RND(1)*320: Y=RND(1)*200: X2=RND(1)*320: Y2=RND(1)*200 60 RECT X,Y,X2,Y2,RND(1)*256 70 FRAME X,Y,X2,Y2,RND(1)*256 80 LINE X,Y,X2,Y2,RDN(1)*256 90 NEXT
  2. G'day I started out with a Commodore 64 back in 84. Then on to the Amiga 500, then DOS/Win 486-Pentium/Current... then over to Mac 68k/PowerPC/Intel/Current. I've had the retro bug on and off again over the past 20 years. I've got a modest collection of 80s-2000s computers. I've really been getting in to experimenting with BASIC and assembly on the C64/X16 and I'm excited about the new platform. Justin
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