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I started with Commodore 8-Bit when I bought my own Home Computer in Germany for 400 DM in 1982 at the Dortmund Messe:

The Commodore VC-20 (i.e. PAL VIC-20 with the 9V AC input) with the official Tape Recorder.

Christmas 1983 I got a neat present from my Father:  A 1541 Floppy drive (the C64 compatible version), with a C64 following the next Christmas. I even developed a painting, sprite and character set design program in machine code (with SMON $C000 version as in-memory assembler), loaded from Floppy with graphical menu, but I think I lost that when I sold the C64.

While in University (TU Delft), in my second year (1987) I was able to purchase the AMIGA 2000 with 8088 Bridgeboard and 20Mb Hardcard (PC slot).

Unfortunately the original VIC 20's (My dad also bought one) with internal memory expansions and ROMs were trashed and my C64 I sold. U repurchased a European C64 with 1541 and Datasette for 15 Euros and a more expensive e-bay VIC20 later on, to get "back" into retro computing.

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