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  1. Cyber

    Chase Vault

    I followed all announcments of this game in the Facebook group. It was interesting to observe progress and I very much like it's current state. Thank you for a fresh look on an old classic game with yet new expirience!
  2. Cyber


    I tried, and it's fun! Never played this game before, but it reminds me Sopwith on IBM PC.
  3. I think you are mentioning this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CommanderX16/permalink/522380971846335/
  4. Cyber


    @visrealm nice )
  5. The MOnSter 6502 is definitely a very cool and educational project. Would love to have one when it'll be available but, but the price is too high. It would be even more fun and educational to build one with your own hands. We'll see what will be available in future.
  6. I'm using Tapatalk to access X16 forums from my mobile phone for a few days now, and it reminds me a little past times when I used news feeds a lot. Tapatalk has nice features like TIMELINE and UNREAD, which provide feed for either all or unread only messages. Very useful to keep track of what's up. And it's running faster than rendering a web page on my phone. It is not a replacement of web site by any means, but it's very useful when I just want to check new things on the go, especially with poor internet connection.
  7. Hello, everyone! My real name is Vladimir (like in Baron Vladimir Harkonnen from Dune, hehe). I'm from Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine. I got my first PC at the age of 12. It was POISK, a Soviet not fully IBM compatible machine from the early 90's. With it I got familiar with BASIC and computers in general. I'm very happy that retro computing lives to this day, and has a significant burst in the last several years. I'm following the development of X16 from the very beginning, when David mentioned about his dream computer for the first time. And I'm looking forward to all future events. To the final product... and beyond!
  8. That's good news! But... OMG! The price is enormous!
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