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  1. Here is a very close try to what I wanted to see except one big disadvantage: you can not program in this thing. But looking from different standpoint, this is very good looking OS running on NES! Maybe more to come in this project.
  2. When you want a real thing, then you want a real thing, and nothing else will substitute. ) But if you want same outer look and feel, you can go for replicas. I did not check if there are many Commodore mouse replicas out there, but, for example, Amiga 500 Mini has good looking replica of original Amiga mouse (not sure if you can buy one separately).
  3. This is looking great! I also know how pleasant is the time spending assembling the board. Also I see you are enjoying using this PCB holder as much as I am. )
  4. I don't really see how proposed "standard" would be possible with a variety hobbyst developers we have. But let's try to view the topic form the other side. Let's take NES examples from first topic of this thread. Anybody know how they turned out to be similar in the old days? Did they just not have time and imagination to make their own splash screen designs and decided to safely copy one from another? Same question also bothers me with NES character fonts. It looks very similar in different games, but NES itself does not have a default font. So how it turned out that way? Also different NES games use pseudographics similar to PETSCII lines and rounded corner lines. When I was a kid I thought that these fonts and pseudographics were built into console itself. It was a logical guess. Later I was very surprised to know that every cartridge had its own character ROM, but for some wierd reason it was very similar on different cartridges.
  5. Thanks for feedback. Pretty much same experience here. ) I agree that this tool is not universal, because it can't hold some boards with awkward shapes. But for the most boards I found it very convenient. And I felt like it's not popular enough. I wondered that I did not see it in any repair video I watched.
  6. Xark

    Hi!  Just wanted to mention that I worked on Buck Rogers for Sega, as shown in your profile pic (at least the Atari 400/800/5200 and Apple ][ versions).  My first commercial game. 😄

    1. Cyber


      Interesting to know. )

      I've seen Buck Rogers for Sega, but back in the day I had Buck Rogers for DOS only and played only DOS version.

    2. Xark


      Right on, the color scheme did make me think CGA. 😅 Sega made the original arcade game and was the publisher for the home computer/console versions (at least the ones that the independent company I was at got the contract for - TI-99/4A, VIC-20, Atari 2600 and the Atari and Apple versions mentioned).

    3. Xark


      Thinking a bit more, I think it was MCT (where I worked, but not me) that also did the DOS conversion.  It was on the first IBM PC I ever saw (I remember the loud keyboard) and the person doing the work was using Lattice C (which wasn't really feasible on other systems at the time). 🤔

  7. Nice! ) There is also a possibility they did this pun on purpose for comedic effect. Most viewers would not understand anyway. Also this helps avoiding intellectual property issues a lot.
  8. Exactly. Add a fact that despite there are few physical X16 prototypes in the world, even emulating those is not a thing, because none of them is a finished product yet. Minor changes still could be made.
  9. I'm sure it is possible to run the emulator on RPi or other SBC (I remeber somebody did or at least tried), but let's not evolve this topic at least on this forum. Let's patiently wait, and use available emulator till then. After finished product release all these possibilities will surely be opened and ecouraged.
  10. And I also thought that this is example of probably the best use of computer as invention.
  11. Oh, I also remeber we called Rambo a 4 bit console. Why you ask? Well, we had NES/Famicom clone named Dendy which was known to be 8 bit, and we had Sega Mega Drive which was known to be 16 bit. And 8 bit console was inferior to 16 bit console in terms of graphics and sound. Rambo looked inferior to NES/Famicom/Dendy both in terms of graphics and sound, but it was not known how many bits it is. So we decided it to be a 4 bit console. )
  12. Atari was not available on the market in my country, but we had chineese knock-off of Atari 2600 named Rambo. It was pretty accurate copy of Atari 2600 and it had about hundred of games built in. Lucky for us, because cartridges was not available on the market. And despite the fact it was available in eraly 90's along with NES, Spectrum and early IBM PC clones, we still loved to play it. I remeber that some of the Atari 2600 (Rambo for us back then) games we found unique for ourselves in terms of gameplay. Simple graphics was not a problem for us at all.
  13. I also thought about this hurdle. I understand there will be limitations and compromises should be made. Turning off/on unit between different modes is not a huge deal. Swapping storage media can be avoided by combining everything in one cartridge and adding a physical switch on the cartridge. I thoght about this as the most easiest solution. I can put some tiny computer or MCU on the cartridge board, which will run IDE and allow all the development process. Technically this would not be much different from developing on the saparate computer, but it will give some feel of "code and try" immediacy. When starting this thread I though that some board hacking is unavoidable to achive what I described. But after reading replies I now understand it can all be done in cartridge. It would be very complex cartridge in fact, with lots of RAM, bank switching, keyboard and storage controller, some switches and buttons, etc. But no matter how ugly this cartridge might turn out, I actually like this idea more then modifying the main board. I'm not sure if I'm ready to start this project, but discussing the possibilities is already fun. Thank you, guys! )
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