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  1. In one of his videos @The 8-Bit Guy said that if demand for X16 will be high enough, they might consider releasing ASIC.
  2. @BruceMcF Valid points. I also might need some od them sometimes. What I meant, aren't we exagguratng things? I mean, serial is fine for most of these cases. And swapping SD card someties should not wear it off. I'm not declining anything. I just felt discussion on the topic somewhat pushy. And reasons are not that vital.
  3. Why are we discussing active trasfer of files between X16 and PC? And why do testing on emulator? X16 is not a microcontroller which essentially needs to be connected to PC for development. X16 is a freakin standalone self-sufficient computer! It should be possible to do all development directly on it.
  4. I loved this driverless approach in the past, despite it being primitive and obsolete in modern world. And I'm happy that X16 brings back this experience.
  5. Same here. If I try read this forum with zoom lower than 125%, my eyes cry... Fortunately I can adjust different zoom level for each site, and browser remembers the setting per site.
  6. Cyber

    Serial port

    If it will be demanded, a popular expansion card will appear, which might become close to standard. Just like with Commodore expansion cartridges: despite being third party, some of them were very popular, and many users had same cartridges. From practical point of view it was sort of standard.
  7. @CBMFan66 is right. "6" looks definitely like "G" at 100% site zoom. At 110% zoom it's ok. I always used 125% zoom, so never noticed. @Perifractic @MattGrandis ?
  8. Pretty loud saying from https://www.msx.org/wiki/Texas_Instruments_TMS9918:
  9. Pretty much in stock if somebody desires to build his own system around these: https://www.digipart.com/part/TMS9918 https://www.digipart.com/part/TMS9928
  10. Greetings! If you like MCUs and BASIC you might like MIcromite - https://geoffg.net/micromite.html - it's a microcontroller that runs inerpreted BASIC.
  11. I thought KERNAL would be in ROM, and would run directly from there. So how do I change its vector entries in ROM?
  12. Yeah, true. I remember these were the reasons why this and other similar suggestions were rejected in X16 Facebook group.
  13. I think it's possible, but your video and sound solutions would be expensive (like was noted in previous answers) or very primitive. There are off-the-shelf ready video and audio soultions on the market with reasonable prices, but usually they either have low specs and primitive features or they have some limitations. Some of them are mentioned in your Simple GPU thread. Also it is possible to build very simple and not expensive video card yourself. Watch Ben Eaters video about world's worst video card (and its part 2, part 3 and part 4). Ben showed just a proof of concept, by I think it can be improved to run with tolerable performance without making it expensive. Also I think a similar sound card can be done. I know many people wish Ben to build word's worst sound card. I hope he will. )
  14. Thank you for your answers! I really was surprised and confused weather there really were DOS drivers for sound and video (like there were for mouse, for example). Guess, there weren't any in a common sense.
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