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  1. Google presented nice retro game as a doodle: https://g.co/doodle/99dkzef
  2. Russian speaking (though Ukrainian by origin) project "sinc LAIR" now in English and presents first translated video about Sinclair Pandora Project Z88: https://odysee.com/@Sinc_LAIR:3/The-Last-Sinclair's-Computer----Pandora--Project--Cambridge-Computer-Z88 Original YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChC1Gcl-1bOkNPPzN_owcVg Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sinc_LAIR
  3. Good advice, @Kalvan! There are should be many used monitors with resolution of 1600x1200. I was able to get my hands on used NEC MultiSync LCD2180U 21.3" (1600x1200) TFT S-IPS with DVI and VGA inputs. I'm not sure if it's a great match for X16, I prefer something smaller in size for X16, but we'll see. More importand advantage of 1600x1200 is that it's a perfect multiplier of 800x600, which was used in lots of great old games.
  4. Well, with X16 you'll need a VGA-to-HDMI converter, so it won't be a single cable. But you can hide converter behind X16, if you are ok with that. The main thing I kinda liked about such monitor is that design might look fine with X16.
  5. I want to share another solution. Yes, it does not have VGA (so you need converter), it is not 4:3 (so you will have black bars), and it is not my preference, but I know that some people might like such solution.
  6. Thank you! There is actually some cool stuff there to see.
  7. PETSCII Robots has a Slack workspace? Or is it X16? Either way I know about neither. Please, share.
  8. Pretty modern meme, but still...
  9. I'll try to guess it's Space Invaders / Galaga / Galaxian. Galaga is still one of my favorite games to play.
  10. Cyber


    I always like to see accurate use pf PETSCII. This one looks relatively simple, yet very accurate and charming!
  11. What a nice view! Combination of ports is gorgeous!
  12. It was several years ago, so models are outdated, but here they are. Tablet: Prestigio Multipad 7.0 Ultra+ (PMP3670B) Case: cheap ($5) case+keyboard without brand, this one - https://rozetka.com.ua/ua/73891221/p73891221/ - it is local store in my country, but I think there should be similar products worldwide It sill functions, and I'm thinking of trying Sunxi Linux on it: https://linux-sunxi.org/Prestigio_PMP3670B
  13. I was surprised with this market hole. But I remebered there are some cheap tablet cases with built in keyboards, so I found tablet+case+keyboard that more or less match my needs, and it became my cheap and compact laptop solution. Sorry for offtopic, but just wish to mention another market hole with apparently no mass market needs: medium priced tablet with 19" screen or more. Why would I need that? To sit relaxed in my sofa and read digital copies of retro magazines, holding the device on my knees. Currently I'm thinking about attaching RPi and touch screen to my old 19" monitor. The thing would turn out bulky, heavy and without battery (so I would need to plug it into wall outlet), but I think it should meet my purpose.
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