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  1. 640 * 2 = 1280 480 * 2 = 960 So if by any chance your monitor can add 32 pixels black bars on top and bottom, that would be rad. I have an 8" LCD TV with VGA input. And while it does not have apect ratio function, it has option to manually change visible area. Too bad such functions almost never mentioned in monitor (or TV) specs, and you need to get a hold of device to realize if they are implemented.
  2. This one looks promising for those who like small size: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32252491113.html Too bad this one is out of stock: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32813732163.html
  3. Truly my bad. It will. Sorry for confusion and thanx for correction.
  4. Well, obviously you meant not input, but output. And Commander X16 does not have composite output. Only VGA. This is a nice little monitor, but it's not that great for a retro expirience like X16, bacuse it's a wide screen monitor, not 4:3. You would have an ugly stretched picture by deafult. But some wide screen monitors have aspect ration function. So if this one has it, you may switch aspect ratio to 4:3, thus monitor will add two black bars on the left and right of the picture, making visible area 4:3 with no picture stretching. Another important point is X16 outputs resolution of 640x480. So if you use LCD monitor with resolution which is not a multiple of these values, you will get a blurry image, because pixels will not match. So it is best to find 640x480 monitor (if such even exists) or 1280x960 (which is also not easy to find). Other approach is to choose very high resolution monitor like 4K or heck 8K - its resolution would not be multiple of 640x480, but it would be so high, that blurry effect would be almost unnoticable. That is why lots of retro tech users choose to use 4:3 CRT monitors. CRT is analog and does not have fixed pixels on screen, thus does not care much about resolution, so it will display 640x480 nice and crisp. Besides, X16 case is a horizontal desktop type, and can host a CRT monitor on top of it, thus saving valuable space.
  5. It goes against one of the project goals: preferably no FPGAs or MCUs. FPGA video chip is an exception, because capable off the shelf video chip was not found.
  6. Nice to meet you, @TributaryHouse! I also started with DOS machine and GW BASIC. I also remember my joy when I first discovered GOSUB. So I feel like I understand you a lot. ) I did not get along with Arduinos and RPIs, but I'm a big fan of Maximites and Micromites - running microcontroller with BASIC is so much appealing to me. Please share the link to video, beacuse search does not seem to help me...
  7. No problem. I also mistakenly jumped to conclusion. Ok, it is a two layer board. One layer on each side. No inner layers. Relieved. )
  8. I think I remember somebody from team saying it will be two layer board so to make it more simple, cheaper and more understandable. Did this plan fail? Or am I remembering something wrong?
  9. I regret I couldn't join Habitat because of different country and situation. I like the concept of Oasis a lot. I'm glad I was able to join Active Worlds. And I hope I will expiriance something similar to Habitat with X16.
  10. Thank you for clearing things up. Would be nice to make an option to turn wrap functiom on and off. Idealy by a hotkey during typing.
  11. Cyber

    WASD Keyboard

    Another thought is that PS/2 keyboard connector has unused pins which may be used for these additional buttons. This would require a custom mod for both keyboard and board, but who knows, some users might do even this, if they prefer.
  12. Cyber

    WASD Keyboard

    Or two existing front buttons might be used for Reset and NMI, and Power button might be moved to back of the case. Each user might come up with his own preference.
  13. @TomXP411, please share where you announced it, I missed it. By the way, @Nate.N also created similar tool, which for some reason caught my interest. It's here: https://www.commanderx16.com/forum/index.php?/topic/563-qbasic-style-basic-transpiler-anyone-interested/ So with @rje's tool that makes three. ) Which is good I think. It's alway nice to have options. And I remeber @The 8-Bit Guy saying he wanted similar functionality embedded in system. @Lorin Millsap also mentioned it in Facebook group with a little more detail. @The 8-Bit Guy, @Lorin Millsap, please share some updates on the topic. And may be features from tools I mentioned here might be useful in final X16 implementation.
  14. How the wrapped text is saved to file? Does it just insert a "new line" where the wrap happened?
  15. @Nate.N I downloaded and tried transpiler. It works and I'm quite happy with it. I added some issues to github page.
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