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  1. I never played any of Wipeout games, but judging by screenshots it looks similar to Hi-Octane, which I enjoyed and played a lot!
  2. My young colleagues at my work would call this game retro because it is so damn old. But for me it goes into modern era, so I'm with you. ) I recently played Ignition, Heroes IV and Lula: The Sexy Empire. I think all these games fall in same era with Commandos. Few days ago I purchased a newer game - GRIP (https://www.gog.com/game/grip), because I very much liked its trailer and screenshots. Its designs remind me of Megarace 2, which I played a lot. I did not played GRIP yet.
  3. They pretty much nailed all the reasons! A lot of this resonate with me as well. Firstly, it's nostalgia. Pure and pleasant feel of nostalgia. And secondly, it turned out that I did not had enough time with old tech. I hope to redeem that lost time using X16 within the community that is building around it. Speaking about modern tech, it's truly great that they are so easy to use. We stream video worldwide and all other heavy stuff is easily accomplished by regular modern device. But when you mess with its internals, it turns out to be so complicated and confusing, you just can't grasp it all.
  4. Me too. And so are most of the members here. Welcome to a great place!
  5. "He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever". "There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers".
  6. It's good to have site online. Thank you!
  7. Thank you for sharing info and videos! I meant any known working software. Just wanted to scroll through some list of names, descriptions, screenshots, videos.
  8. Is there software for these machines? I mean Stefany and other users should've been already written at least several useful programs for these machines, and should've shared them with community. I navigated to Software category [https://c256foenix.com/software/?v=6cc98ba2045f], but is says "IN CONSTRUCTION", and all sublinks redirect to other non-software site categories.
  9. I sometimes say to scammers and to spammers: "Your call is very important to me. Please stay on the line." And then turn on some music. Or I just politely ask if they can wait for some time, then I mute call, and see how much he can really wait.
  10. Well, in case of X16 I prefer Tapatalk on my phone, because web mobile version of forum is not ergonomic and font is too small (and no option to make font bigger). Tapatalk solved both problems. Now after forum update mobile layout trashed, and now it is even less usable. And Tapatalk integration went down. So now I can't read X16 forums from my phone. A sorrow...
  11. @MattGrandis @Perifractic I can't login to X16 group through Tapatalk. I doublechecked login and password, but the error is "You are not logged in or you do not have permission to do this action". I think this happened after forum update. Perifractic, I remember you are not participating in project, but I mentioned you since I remember you presented us with Tapatalk X16 group. If there is no Tapatalk support now, then may be it is better to remove group from Tapatalk.
  12. @MattGrandis It looks like layout of user profile page is broken. Seems like achievements are taking up more space then intended, and their layout is a mess. https://www.commanderx16.com/forum/index.php?/profile/13-cyber/
  13. It is true. But only occasionally when you are in the mood for it. Maybe for some people this happens more often, for others less. Depends of one's will and available time. If you have time, and don't rush anywhere, it's a pleasent feeling to insert floppy, listen to drive's motor, wait for it to load, etc. But yeah, overall it gets to waiting in frustration. Especially when you don't have much free time, then you want some quicker alternative.
  14. I think they wanted Mega 65 to look like unreleased Commodore 65 as much as possible. This explains me everything.
  15. And there is part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcXcy2b1dRM Both parts are interesting to watch. For some reason I never knew about Amiga CDTV. May be because it's harware is nothing special, but the exterior design is kick ass!!
  16. Okay, now I used my wireless NES clone (RMC EXTREME MINI GAME BOX EMX-041 HDMI) for a while, and I have some feedback. Since it's a chinese clone, quality is not that great, but it's definetely worth its money and it's playable enough. It's not a real NES hardware (unlike other modern chinese clones, which are real NES hardware), it's emulation, so some games glitch sometimes (in Battle Toads for example, your toad may disappear or game may hang). Most games don't glitch, and work fine. But the good thing being emulation, they implemented load&save feature! You access it by pressing select+start. Load&save helps you beat hard games, save your progress in long games, and... even helps to overcome glitchy games by saving before the glitch! ) Also I noticed turbo buttons don't work turbo enough. And even if I press regular A or B very quickly, it does not respond quickly enough in the game. So, for example, beating "hit fist only guy" in Robocop is extremely hard. Not sure whether it's because of emulation ot wireless feature. But there are still many games that can be played well without noticable problems. And I haven't mentioned yet another reason why I decided to get wireless console. I have 3 year old daughter, and when I play, she pulls my cables, which physically interrupts my gameplay! %) So now I have projector, console and screen all attached to ceiling, and they all are pretty out of reach for her. And I have a wireless d-pad in my hands, so now it is much harder for her to spoil my fun. )
  17. They got me interested with this! Now I really wonder whether they gonna release TheA500 Maxi? And are they thinking about releasing some other retro machines in same manner? I'm so astonished that retro theme is rising this days! It's almost like in Ready Player One by Ernest Cline: 80's is popular again.
  18. Wellcome to the community! Speaking about double quote being Shift + 2, in modern cyrillic layout double quote is typed with Shift + 2. ) And since I use cyrillic much (I need English, Russian and Ukraininan in my everyday life), so I type double quote with Shift + quote when I type English, but when I switch to Russian or Ukraininan, I need to remember, that double quote is Shift + 2 now. Actually you get used to it after a while. But just now you got me realize that modern cyrillic layout is a bit retro Commodore. ))
  19. I figured this one out: the setting moved from Streams to Account Settings -> Content View Behaviour.
  20. There are other issues. For example, I can't navigate to first unread post in thread (and the option to turn it on is missing). Text on some buttons is not readable, because its color very similar to button's color. Not sure whether to report this in dedicated thread or just wait. Update process might be not finished yet.
  21. Hello! This all is quite impressive! There were similar build your computer articles in 80's magazines in my childhood as well. But it is always interesting to learn about more of them.
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