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  1. Hi and welcome to the X16 community! It is funny and strange how preferences about keyboards can vary. I always preferred the "shift-2" = double quote layout. What to me is the most interesting things about commodore keyboards, was how the cursor keys layout was. There are just 2 cursor keys, not 4 as we are used to nowadays (see my avatar :)) Anyhow, nice to see new people having interest in the community!
  2. Hi! I'm late to this thread, but below is my way of looking at it. I am going to put it straight. Probably many disagree with me, but I am ok with that. To keep my enthusiasm for development for the platform, and to get me to spend money on the platform, below is more or less my list of thoughts / requirements to make that happen. Let's start with my view, and then I go into the questions. First: A breadbox like the C64, with PETSCII keyboard, but it says X16 on the top. What is in the breadbox is more or less irrelevant to me, as long as it boots up, and pretends it's the X16 that we now all know and love. That would really make my day. But since you can't have it all, below is some more nuance. Secondly: A cool development community like the X16 community is just now, where you can discuss development, and display your programs. For me the X8, is a no go. Unless, - You chuck away the X16 completely, and X8 takes over the show. - Or the X16 is really an compatible upgrade of the X8. Think C64/C128. The X16 should at least have a "goX8" command, if both have to live in the same universe. Or at least they both should have the same way accessing the Vera. - Or there is at least 5 years time between the releases. About the keyboard, as it stands. I don't mind at all how good or bad quality, ps2 or usb it is. The only thing I REALLY want is the cool PETSCII characters on the keyboard, connected to my X8/16. If I can't have the breadboard form-factor, then the PETSCII keyboard is the next big selling point for me. KIT or no KIT. I am not buying a KIT, period. I'd love to buy one and put it together, but I am way to clumsy, and I end up breaking the KIT. If KIT is the only option, I'll be doing the rounds on eBay to see if someone wants to sell an assembled kit. I'd prefer a through hole circuit board of course, with all parts being discrete. But since $$$ and also we already have a FPGA onboard, I more or less don't care what's inside. Put in a raspberry pi, pre-configured to be an X16, and I am still a happy camper. The thing that matters to me how it boots up like a X16 and how it looks like a X16. So, does it look like a X16, or does it look like a generic box. For example I LOVE the Myster, but the form factor is the worst I've seen in a long time. I like my retro computers not only to work great on the inside, but also look the part. Since I rather have it in a display cabinet next to a C64, looking cool, during it's "off time" periods. Myself, I would perhaps take a different route. 0. It sounds like the X8 has a better Vera architecture, change the X16 to copy that. 1. Dump the X8, cool idea, but, nah. 2. Phase 1, is the raspberry pi, bundled with a bare metal emulator of the X16 as it stands now, a generic box, but with PETSCII KB. (I would totally buy that) 3. Phase 2, is a full FPGA version of the X16. 4. Scrap the through hole. Great idea, but maybe only as a kit for the hardcore enthusiasts. And my daughter can look at resisters, capacitors and transistors in my old C64, that's fine for me. In short, I really like this project. And respect the people working so hard to make it happen. So even if you ignore all my points, I probably stick around, and buy "one of whatever comes out of the oven" So please continue, and keep faith !! But that being said, I will focus on one single platform, and buy one hardware, and ignore the other one. Also, If prefer outside looks (with Keyboard) over inside looks, and a KIT won't do it for me.
  3. Just for future reference, I think this is the one you meant
  4. Cool, I did not know that. I have not been 100% aware of who does what on the Kernal. But it makes sense, it is "us", not "they". But yes, I can understand the burnout feeling. For me, I am just over it, so I am ready for a fresh dose of X16, this is why all the questions (I am right now trying to squeeze 60kb of data into a single prg file just now, with compression, so I am more or less just wishing, I could just read the whole thing in chunks into Vera and normal memory in one go.... But no need to take my request seriously though, I can perfectly live without it, but I like the idea of extending things. (Hence my obsession with double Petscii) Anyway, I'll stop whining, and go back to my compression algorithm for now (Yes, I am a little obsessed of making 1 file programs, I am sure I'll get over it some time)
  5. Yep, that's what I was after. The "special" loader, would be a small adjustment to the Kernal. And the file, in my mind, could still be a PRG file, just a new version of it. (but that could be discussed all night :)) But indeed, the interesting thing is what is going to be the deployment strategy for the X16. Buying a preloaded SD cards, sounds like a reasonable proposal to buy a game, but it would not really fill up a 4GB or larger SD card. And I probably would come to the conclusion that most games would just use only a few percent of the SD disk, so, I would want to collect several on a single SD disk, skipping the swap SD card step. In that case, a single file may be a good way to manage assets. But I agree, then compression comes in play..... Well, maybe... But not so much for saving space perhaps, since SD cards are huge compared to the memory size of the X16. Why compress? So the goal maybe would be speeding up load times, although that is maybe also not really a big bonus, since decompressing also takes time... Interesting, to compress or not. On the c64 it was a no brainer. The 1541 disks were super tiny compared to a modern SD card, and any type of content was filling up the disk quickly. But now with SD technoglogy...
  6. ok, like that. No this is not what I was talking about. I know that this can be done. What I am "dreaming" about, is being able to load a >64kb single pgm file, by having the X16 guys redefine the pgm format to the next level, so different parts of this same file can be redirected to separate parts of the ram (vera, banked or normal) Also the Kernel would need to support it. But then again, it's not that complicated. I agree, it may have limited use, but yeah, to me it would be a "cool" improvement. Making the X16 one step more modern. (of course what is too modern is a question of taste) I'll still check out the the vid though, it looks interesting.
  7. Oooh nice! If it is true it would be very cool indeed. I am curious how the simple prg format could cater for this, but I'll check it out, thanks!
  8. Thanks. On another topic I am still (somewhat a lost cause, I know ) hoping they could somewhat extend the prg "format". Maybe first two bytes have $ffff reserved. If $reserved then prg v2 format. Which would be something like byte1 byte2 (load ram type and address of next chunk, some magic here to have 2 bytes both specify the address and the type of ram, or something....) byte3 byte4 (size of chunk) ..... (next chunk) Anyway, one can keep dreaming, but it would be so cool, if single prg file could load stuff into base ram, banked ram, or vera ram, or most likely a combi, and also prgv2 files size would be not limited
  9. I like to return back to the prg topic (in another context). I just read this link on how prg files are used on the c64. http://fileformats.archiveteam.org/wiki/Commodore_64_binary_executable Here it states that either the data of the prg will be loaded in $0810 or the first two byte of the prg are used to determine where the prg dara is loaded in memory. This depends on if you do load "*",8 or load "*",8,1 Is the behaviour the same on X16, and is the "magic" $0801 address also the same? Thanks /CKs
  10. I saw some pictures earlier. I found this link, searching for it. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-28219291 Never saw one in real live though.
  11. And of course, I would not be me, if I did not make a Double Petscii version of this picture of Sir Clive.
  12. Found this one on twitter, seemed appropriate to share. (Original tweet is here: https://twitter.com/C64Reloaded/status/1438602817116254213) I myself, and maybe many here, have never had a Sinclair Spectrum, but a best friend had, and I did end up sitting behind one many hours. It was a nice bit of rivalry, when looking back, between the "Speccy" and the C64. Always there was the friendly competition, which was best. C64 was accused of being 'blocky', and the Speccy had 'terrible sound'. For me it made me want to look into the details why things were as they were. Learn about the different graphics mode on the C64, to "on up", my friend who had a Spectrum. So I learned all about bitmap mode vs character mode, sprites, that were not on the Spectrum, the all mighty sid, and the fact that the Spectrum's CPU was much quicker (well in 4Mhz terms anyways), then the C64, 1Mhz. Learned some assembly, and did lots of drawing on the C64 in "Amiga Paint". So long old chap (Sir Clive Sinclair, RIP 2021)!
    Hi! Looks cool. Is there any chance you will activate the "try it now" button?
  13. That's true! I did that once, long time ago, on the C64. On the X16, I had some problems getting started that route though. I would have liked the small asm routines to be included as data in the basic program. But I stumbled on KickC before I figured it out practically, so this is why there is a "C" version of the game and a "Basic" version. Actually now I think of it, the pure basic version could probably be sped up significantly as well, since the scrolling on the X16, is pretty advanced. You can do alot by just moving one register around. About the PETSCII Thanks! It was cool to work in PETSCII again, it's always nice to hear someone likes it.
  14. CursorKeys


    Welcome to group! Lots of friendly people here, happy to help with X16 questions, and other Regarding the pictures, I am not sure what I am looking at, but it sure looks fast enough to run the X16 emulator flawlessly.
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