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File Reviews posted by CursorKeys

  1. Really nice.  🙂

    My favorite demo on the X16 right now!

    I have a silly question.
    You mentioned:
       - It uses the original data (but its split into 8kb blocks, so it can fit into banked ram)

    I am wondering, did you consider pushing the whole data in Vera Ram, there is 2 MB of it, and you could "stream" from there with the Vera pointer being auto updated after each read.   And what was the reason to not go for that?



    4 out of 5, since if it had sound and if it was a complete game it would get a 5/5 from me for sure. 

    It is looking promising. And it also plays nice.  Nice PETSCII look and feel, and responsive.   I love Galaxian and Centipede type of games, so I will keep an eye on this one.


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