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  1. New guy here! I posted an intro in the Intro section, so I will jump right into my question. @Frank van den Hoef if you have a moment, or perhaps others can answer too. A question came up about adding math coprocessor functions to VERA in a YouTube comment to a Matt Heffernan assembly programming tutorial using the X-16 as a target platform. Anyway, I've only done a small amount of VHDL for FPGA on Xilinx Zynq but I know many FPGAs have several specialized multiplier/DSP cells that can be used in designs. Is the VERA design close enough to complete now that you know which FPGA will be used for VERA and how many unallocated cells it will have that might support later added functions? Post-launch, of course! Hope this is not too prickly of a topic to raise again. I've skimmed this thread and several others and I think I understand the motivation and intent of the X16 project to keep to a fairly pure 8-bit 80's experience. I hope to support it myself with some programming work at least. Best wishes to all!
  2. Hi, I'm Michael/Mike Losh AKA Sohl. I'm interested in this project and hope to write some code for X16 sooner or later! (Although to be honest my current hobby project is for Atari 2600... at least it's 6502-family, right?) I got started with Commodore in 1983/84 when my parents upgraded from a CoCo 1 to a C64. I was very into BASIC programming and learning as much as possible about computers and digital electronics. It must have worked because I'm a lead software engineer in a major auto company R&D department now. Just before going to college in `85 my dad found some C64s, disk drive and monitors being sold as factory refurbished, if I remember correctly. So I got my own C64 setup to take to college. I later got a REU and geos, but by that point, I was starting to use the college VAX to type and laser-print my papers and whatnot. By graduation, IBM PCs and clones were pretty much taking over everywhere. My biggest regret with the C64 is not getting a decent assembler for it and learning assembler coding better back then. I just dabbled with hand-assembling a few short routines or using a really crude monitor and not getting very far with it. But with a good assembler in a cart/disk (or maybe even Forth!), I think I would have done even more with that C64. But I kept that college C64 setup. I get it out once in a while to dabble again and have some fun. I'd like to at least get a SD2IEC device to make using a lot easier. But I'd also like to get a X16 now after seeing the really cool 8-Bit Guy videos and supporting ones from Perifractic, Adrian Black, TexElec, Matt Heffernan, and others! Best wishes to everyone and hoping for you all great success with the Commander X-16! -- Mike
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