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  1. Hi All, I'm new to retro computing Ha ha ha I've worked on ancient machines for today's standards in the 90's only to find out now that what I was doing back then is now called retro computing Well, I had to make things last for the longest time as money was scarce back then I'd squeeze every little bit of performance and use out of my PCs from the 8088 XT Turbo to the 80286 AT, 80486 SX, Pentium MMX, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium 4 ....... to the latest machines today But seeing all these retro computing online from our 8 bit guy made me so nostalgic I still have all those gear back home Did not ever occur to me that they'd be worth something today or still be worth using Computers and IT eventually became a lifelong passion for me I missed out on these Amigas as they where prohibitively expensive when I was in high school Glad to be a part of this movement I hope to one day grab my hands on to this Commander X16 but if I was to name it it would have been Admiral 128 Ha ha ha I hope you guys know what I mean by this But Commander X16 it is I hope to get two sets One for me and another one for my Niece and Nephew I want them to experience retro computing too Regards to everyone, Marlou Jasmin Madrio
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