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  1. Just found this in the faq, what I have overlooked before: "What we are doing here is highly customizing existing, high quality, already FCC & CE certified products, into a bespoke, unique case/keyboard/mouse package, ..." Also in the faq is written: "...aspects of the product that depend on China such as the keyboard, case, and more..." This means that some if not most parts are coming from China and the Chinese are experts in CE labeling (sic). Sounds good. That calms down my concerns and lets my excitement rise @BruceMcF: I highly understand that there won't be a keyboard layout for every European country. For my self I can deal with an US layout (unlike with a French layout which drives you crazy). And it is nice to hear that it is at least possible to have user definable characters. On the other hand at least the Euro sign € is a must have.
  2. @ Perifractic Have already seen it before you mentioned it here. Just gave you a thumbs up on your video, 73s
  3. I heard about this project by following David's 8-bit YT channel. My main hobby is ham radio (call sign DL6MFJ ), but I also do some analog synthesizer stuff and have a collection of old and/or scientific pocket calculators. At the time I'm doing a restoration of an old CBM 3032. All the best for 2021 and the X16!
  4. Glad to see that a highly desirable community computer is about to be born. I would like to buy one (or a kit) once its finished. The big problem is that I'm in Europe (Germany). That means everything worth more about 25$ that comes from overseas must pass the customs. Everything electrical must have a CE-label otherwise the customs will either send it back or destroy it. Are there any thoughts on getting a CE-label? Basically it is a self declaration of the manufacturer/seller that the item meets all rules that apply in the EU. There are no really ways to circumvent this, but one trick is to find an importer in a EU country. So the end user buys it from there, thus passes no customs. The next thing is that the video out seems to be NTSC only. A PAL version would be great, this would let the EU users use their old CRTs. Are there thoughts on other character sets other than us? I don't bother about the power supply, that is something one can buy here or DIY.
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