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  1. Hmm, I recognised that Japanese Flash character creation game, of which I have the offline version installed. (I don't want to say the name due to TOS)
  2. I agree. I love Intel's design and I really hope they succeed. However, the drivers are terrible, Intel needn't and shouldn't rushed them.
  3. Like he did on Planet X, Attack of PETSCII Robots, so yeah. I think this is a tried-and-true method for mr. Murray, so it makes sense to me.
  4. Not going to lie, finally there will be a third GPU player. While I am excited to see Arc on stores and they seem well-constructed, drivers are very badly executed. (Though Nvidia and ATI/AMD weren't on a much stable ground when they first make GPUs too.)
  5. Here's more things I would do as a CEO: For Amiga, I would make few changes: Amiga 1000, 2000 and 500 would be released as they did. I'll axe Amiga 600/300 and 500+ and instead go full-on on Amiga 1200/3000 (with two Paula chips) in 1990 and Amiga 1200+/4000T in 1992. Like I said, I would axe the CDTV, CD32 and C64GS, although if CDTV must exist, then I make Commodore sell it as Amiga CDTV from the get-go based on Amiga 1200 (with the Akiko chip and some improved tech from Amiga 3000/4000, so all "CD32" games would still exist) as an advanced multimedia computer. How to rub Jack Tramiel in the face? By making Atari ST programs and games run on Amiga perfectly via emulator and add-on card (via clean-room reverse engineering like VTech did with Apple //). (Business is war, Jack.) Amiga PowerPC would exist under my vision and use something like Amiga OS4 and I'll strike a deal with Silicon Graphics Inc. to licence their 3D RealityEngine tech to the Amiga and Commodore would provide Amiga compatibility for the SGI workstations via an emulator. Of course, I would license the Workbench to Sony for PlayStation 1 in a similar vein to PS2 Linux project. For additional stuff outside Amiga: I would extend the Commodore 64's lifespan up until December 2004 (except in Japan, where it would still be produced up until to this day) and Plus/4 in 1994 and make the SID technology open for anyone to build upon (SidStation would be an official Commodore product). And I would licence the TED chip as a microcontroller to compete with Arduino, etc. with enhancements. C64 would be a success in Japan under my vision, because of built-in add-on ROM to enable kanji characters without sacrificing compatibility with Western C64s, (at least the NTSC ones, although later models would get a PAL/NTSC switch). And provide a capable toy kids' computer (a la VTech Genius IQ 128) as a competitor to VTech's toy computers
  6. Remember those arcade specs? They can also be used for Commodore to make their own UNIX workstation as a successor to Amiga UX. Just add a lot more RAM (32MB) and VRAM (4MB).
  7. Sorry for necroposting, but for an optional GPU, I would also add TMS34010 CPU/GPU for video. For extra sound, I'd also add a YM3812 to enhance the sound and Intel i8232 as a coprocessor to supplement the 65816 sound CPU.
  8. Btw there is no need to face-reveal yourself. I didn't force you upload it.
  9. It's fine. Beta-testing Windows OSes ain't exactly easy anyways.
  10. Then you ported C128-specific graphics to the C64 via REU expansion. No hate though, as REU retro gaming gave the C64 much needed extra gaming horsepower, as evidenced by Sonic on C64.
  11. So, we already have an UNIX-like OS for the X16 named Fuzix. Seems like a stupid question, but I wonder if it's possible to port the Linux kernel to the Commander X16 and would it be feasible to do so?
  12. My bad, accidentally quoted you. Was supposed to be for him. As I reiterate, XP was codenamed 'Whistler', Longhorn was for Vista, eventually at least.
  13. XP was codenamed 'Whistler' though, Longhorn was for Vista, eventually at least.
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