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  1. PET - Old man with long hair, long beard, huge mustache. Brown eyes. MAX: Slighty chubby, short brown hair, wearing glasses, having blue eyes. KIM-1: Black hair, gray eyes, wearing a kimono VIC-20: Blonde girl with a ponytail, green eyes. C64: Brown haired guy (short hair) with brown eyes. Plus/4: A man with glasses, with a medium length black hair, blue eyes, wearing a suit. He has a very small mustache. C128: The tallest of all, tan skinned,a man with long blonde hair, with gray eyes. C65 and MEGA65: Pink hair, short, green eyes on C65, MEGA65 has gray eyes. Amiga: Tan skinned skinned girl, long black hair and blue eyes, wearing a hat and glasses, a hoodie as well. C256 Foenix: A guy with a long blonde hair, wearing a suit (whom Plus/4 hates him for copying him), he has a beard as well. X16: Like I said, tall girl with rainbow-colored hair with long twintails and blue eyes. She has... well, to put it out lightly, niche things for hardcore Commodore anime fans.
  2. The reason why I gave her some sort of appearance (how she looks like) is because of Commander's butterfly logo. How would the appearance of other characters be according to you?
  3. Is there anyone in the X16 community, who happens to listen to metal? (Like heavy, thrash, power, black, death, doom, post-metal, groove, metalcore, progressive, war, power ballads, kawaii metal, industrial, nu metal, rap metal, grunge, glam, death n' roll, black n' roll, Neue Deutsche Härte, blackgaze, biker, symphonic, neoclassical, grindcore, folk, pirate, etc.) (P.S: Machinae Supremacy combined heavy metal with the C64 SID sound)
  4. Aha, you took that idea from my Z80 expansion board for FPGA SID and CP/M, didn't you? (Can't blame you if you did, glad that you appreciated it)
  5. Yeah, the Z280 makes more sense. But nice dream computer you've got. It has grunt and would beat the competition in 80s. I'd call my dream computer "Győr Acronix". Didn't realize that my dream computer shares a huge similarity with FM Towns II. (Though the music would sound like a hybrid of Neo-Geo AES, Commodore 64 and Amiga) But yeah, my computer was made to function as a workstation for professional use (especially with Laserdiscs) and as a high-end arcade-quality gaming machine simultaneously. (Google YM2610 and click on Wikipedia for specs) I made sure however, that everything is expandable, even sound and CPU speed. You could add an optional daughterboard with more Yamaha chips (containing YM3812 and YM2151), a SN76489 and 1 more SID chip. (While not a lot of games would support that, probably around 120 or less as the built-in double YM2610B combined with quad SID and LMC1992 would just destroy everything and are good enough, those that do support that would have a monster sound.) As for the CPU, you can add an accelerator to speed up your 486DX2 without changing your processor. As for the 3D video card addon, not only it gives my dream computer 3D graphics, but also 18-bit RGB colors for both 2D and 3D. (And have that built in) (I searched an appropriate 512-color palette in the internet for AVAR and found the Deluxe Paint for Amiga one, so let's pretend that this is the AVAR palette. I do tweaked it a bit, especially the white color, since it wasn't really white. Note that the last color, on bottom right, is transparent. Again, this is the default palette and you can redefine it however you like.) And one thing, according to you, how would my dream computer do in the marketplace if it existed back then?
  6. I mean who do admire the most of all characters? (Sorry if I annoyed you)
  7. Oh and one more MAX: C64's small brother, lazy. KIM-1: A Shinto shrine maiden Thanks! Who's your favourite/the one you admire the most?
  8. PET - Wise, but strict male sensei VIC-20: Joyful girl with loads of imagination, but when looking for something, she always took so long. C64: Determined, no-nonsense man, but has soft spot, also VIC-20's best friend. Plus/4: Workaholic male. C128: C64's big brother, who is careless. C65: C64's annoying little sister. Amiga: Genius girl, a nerd. A bit too serious. MEGA65: C65's twin, not as annoying as C65. C256 Foenix: Musically talented man, overly confident. X16: Rainbow haired girl with twintails, has psychic skills and powers, very creative, but like Amiga, she is too serious, but even more than Amiga. How's the premise?
  9. Do SGI systems like Indigo2, Onyx, O2, Indy, etc. count as "retro" computers, as they weren't in consumer market during their heyday?
  10. This is a rad concept, Andy. It just pushes VERA to the extreme. Love it!
  11. So, heavily inspired by @Kalvan's post (or maybe even a "rip-off"), but 90s tech is what faschinates me the most during the "retro" era of computing and game systems. But instead of 70s/80s computers, why not make it from the beginning of 1990s, where Sega Genesis and SNES were in brutal battle at full force, fighting each other in the most brutal way possible. Well... I carried away with that post, so I decided to simplify things. So, here's my dream early 90s computer, probably around 1993-1994. CPU: Intel 486DX2 at 66/33 Mhz (later models would use 486DX4) RAM: 16MB (expandable to 64MB or 4GB via expansion slots) Video Card: Eh, that's a tough question to answer, so I'll go with something customized, much like here with X16's VERA, but a bit more powerful, like 512 colors out of around 65536 available colors to choose from. It would preferably have 5 layers (each layer supporting up to 256 sprites), smooth scrolling, parallax scrolling, inter-sprite collision detection, transparency support, 256kB VRAM (expandable to 1.5MB), aspect ratio of either 4:3 or 16:9, a resolution of 800x600 and everything from 4x4 to 256x256 pixel sprites. Each layer can be in either text, tile or bitmap mode. Text mode should support a lot of common character keys like Latin, Extended Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese characters, etc., as well as characters very reminiscent of PETSCII. The max numbers of tiles would be 1812. Optionally, something similar to SuperFX with 32X capabilities (rendering 150,000 polygons per second) and its own RAM (probably 2.5MB RAM for 3D, 5MB RAM for 2D graphics, you can use them simultaneously) and allow 18-bit colors on this system would also be nice, though later models would have those built in. I'd like to call it "Advanced Video Alternative Reality", acronymed as "AVAR". Sound CPU: Zilog eZ80 at 2.41Mhz Sound: 3xYM2610B (yup, the Neo Geo/Taito arcade sound chip, I even selected three of these to paritally make up the inferior quantity of FM sound channels to YM2151) paired with YM3012 DACs, 4xSID 6581 (via 16v8 SLD), a Seta X1-010 and National Semiconductor LMC1992. Optionally, you can put a daughterboard containing YM2151, YM3812 and SN76489. Sound RAM: 1.5MB (expandable to 16.5MB) Sound ROM: 6MB Media: a 1.44MB 3.5 inch floppy disk (or floptical if possible), CD-ROM with playback of CD-DA and even cartridges. Optionally, a LaserDisc ROM (a bit equivlent to BBC Master) would be great, as well as playback of MUSE Hi-Def and normal NTSC and PAL LaserDiscs if possible. You can even pair it with Pioneer LaserRecorder and Recordable Laser Videodisc WORM technology, even all three simutaniously. OS: Again, tough question, so let's start with UNIX System V Release 4, with BSD 4.3 extensions. Then, we'll build an original GUI based on Motif and X11, plus a C shell. And a very advanced and sophisticated dialect of BASIC would be great. It should have PCMICA slot, have PS/2-compatible keyboard and mouse, seven expansion slots, and output for VGA, S-Video, Composite, headphones and microphones, Ethernet and TOSLINK. SNES-style gamepad and Atari-style joysticks are fine too, espeically if they had a pause button. It would be cool to have a purple motherboard, a la PE6502. Lastly, it should be able to convert different voltages so it can be used in Japan, Europe, Canada, USA, etc. without the need of anything external. What is YOUR dream retro computer of early 1990s?
  12. Though imagine an anime based on Commodore computers, including the C256 Foenix and the X16.
  13. I agree with you over a million times here.
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