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  1. This, combined with VERA PSG+PCM, would be rad.
  2. That sounds cool, but how would it be tweaked?
  3. This one is really creative.
  4. It's interesting to learn more about the grandfathers of modern computers and technology.
  5. I understand. Though composite is still around, on modern TVs.
  6. This is a thread for sound chip/card combination, eg. pairing YM3812 with 2a03 for example or Roland MT-32 with SN76489 and POKEY. Mine dream sound chips combination would be the same as that one from my dream computer - 3x YM2610B, 4x SID 6581, LMC1992 and the CD-DA tracks in parallel. (Imagine listening them all) What is your dream sound chip combination?
  7. I am curious, what sparked your interest in retro computers in general?
  8. Would the RF modulator and the channel 3/4 switch be on X16? If not, for what reason?
  9. Minecraft, Counter-Strike, Gold Miner, Danganronpa 2, some Sonic games (which isn't '06), Kantai Collection, KAMIKO, some Neptunia games (Re;Birth ones), Guitar Hero and Megapolis.
  10. Emulations are my secret weapons. For MS-DOS and Win9x, I use DosBox-X, but sometimes FreeDOS. (the latter of which ain't an emulator, but rather a complete reimpementation of DOS) For PlayStation 1, my go-to emulator is Mednafen, which is also my go-to emulator for NEC PC-FX. To use games from every Commodore 8-bit machines, I use VICE. Mesen is my NES/Famicom emulator, as it's 100% compatible with NES/Famicom, even supporting FDS and bootleg Dendy. It can even fake stereo sound. I use Kega Fusion for Sega Genesis, CD and 32X. MAME when I play arcade, mostly Neo-Geo MVS/AES. reicast libretro as a weapon for Dreamcast emulation. And lastly, Phoenix, for 3DO. I don't use PCXS2 since I already have PS2, the slim model one, with FreeMcBoot software mod I added.
  11. There's a game called 'kisekae' that can do that, but you need Adobe/HARMAN AIR to install first.
  12. I think it would be fair to wait for X16 Phase 3 to discuss about as the original X16 (the very hackable, Phase 1) isn't even out the time I wrote this comment.
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