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  1. Perhaps 'Windows 98 Millennium Edition'.
  2. Your wish came true, Strider.
  3. I would honestly hesitate to remove real DOS mode, which has caused instabillity, as well as creating compatibility issues. I would also bring the Watercolor (or Watercolour; specifically the 2419 one) and Mallard/Sample Test Visual Style from Whistler. In addition, it would be nice to add the firewall, Activity Center, Fast Boot and the login screen from Neptune, add some notification system from PocketPC 2000, plus having quite a few of Plus! features (95, Kids and 98) built-in, finalising with adding Flight Simulator (moreover: Space and Train Simulators too), the entire Microsoft Entertainment Pack and perhaps an exclusive game for Windows ME as preincluded games for the OS. Security from Windows 2000 is also important, so I would make sure that would be added.
  4. What if Bill Gates put you and your development team at Microsoft at charge of Windows ME's development? Would you make sure not to rush Windows ME's development and keep adding new features that would lay the foundation of NT-based Windows XP? Or just give up with ME and keep developing NT-based Neptune by merging 9X and NT kernels, eventuality making an operating system very similar to XP?
  5. Mine would be similar, except that it would have a modern Intel Pentium processor instead (with an ARM and/or RISC-V coprocessor), plus an additional PSG capabilities for sound.
  6. 1. SID can already do pseudo-FM functions, due to the ring modulation and pass filters. 2. How would the hybrid YM2151/YM2610B-SID do in the market?
  7. Just wanna add: didn't BBC Micro support a second 6502 processor though?
  8. Just wanna add: didn't BBC Micro support a second 6502 processor though? (as an expansion option) EDIT: Oops, I accidentally published the same comment twice!
  9. Sorry for annoying you, but would the Yamaha's SID and the FM chips built upon it (YM2203-SID; YM2608-SID; YM2151-SID; YM2610(B)-SID or a hybrid YM2151/2610B-SID of the latter two) have any use in home computers, consoles, arcades, etc.? Would some of them even double the SID channels inside the FM chips for stereo?
  10. Well, duh. The YM2612 would be the same as it is in our timeline.
  11. Stupid question, but is there any way for an Apple I (one, not two) to enter the demoscene? After all, limitations breed creativity.
  12. Basically, we would have something like the YM2610(B) with SID implementation instead of AY-3-8910. Would it have any use in home computers, consoles, arcades, etc.?
  13. What if Yamaha built their own MOS SID chips under license from Commodore? Would it have any use in home computers, consoles, arcades, etc.? Would Yamaha use their SID core to produce a whole family of music chips like they did with YM2149 (or at least SID-implemented variants of YM2203, YM2608 or YM2610/YM2610B)?
  14. You don't need to be a musician to mix sound chips together. You generally just need to have a really good ear. And the AY-3-8910 will just fit with about any sound chip you could ever think of, even the SID, POKEY or 2a03.
  15. I'm not even there, but I'll let you know we're all imperfect. We have our advantages, but also disadvantages.
  16. Or perhaps YM2610B + YM2151 + 2xSID + Roland MT-32 + Paula.
  17. So, this is a remake of my old thread. (not sure if mods would be okay with it) Ever wonder about combining two different sound chips from different systems and play them together? Mine is YM2610 and MOS 6581 SID and I think they would sound very powerful together, combining Neo-Geo's and Commodore 64's characteristic sound powers. So, @Strider @BruceMcF @rje @Cyber @AndyMt @Perifractic @Scott Robison @ZeroByte, what is your dream sound chip combination? What sound chips from particular console or home computer you think would go great together?
  18. What do y'all think,@Strider @BruceMcF @rje @Cyber @Scott Robison @ZeroByte ?
  19. What if NEC chose not to discontinue the PC-9800 series in 1999 and instead keep cranking them out, even in this day and age? Would the supposed "modern" PC-98 eventually be indistinguishable from other computers manufactured by HP, Lenovo, Alienware, etc.?
  20. How can you build an old-school arcade machine using parts from old 1980s-1990s hardware (Motorola 68k, YM2612, 486, Z80, YM3812, SID, etc.), like making a modern rival of Neo-Geo and Capcom CP? (in a similar fashion to how the X16 was built) Are FPGAs a good alternative? (a la c256 Foenix)
  21. Irrelevant question, but would the X16 support MMC cards, since most SD sockets do have backwards compatibility with MMC cards?
  22. Awesome case! It really does retain the combination of 'new' and 'retro' like the keyboard-less design!
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