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  1. What if Yamaha built their own MOS SID chips under license from Commodore? Would it have any use in home computers, consoles, arcades, etc.? Would Yamaha use their SID core to produce a whole family of music chips like they did with YM2149 (or at least SID-implemented variants of YM2203, YM2608 or YM2610/YM2610B)?
  2. You don't need to be a musician to mix sound chips together. You generally just need to have a really good ear. And the AY-3-8910 will just fit with about any sound chip you could ever think of, even the SID, POKEY or 2a03.
  3. I'm not even there, but I'll let you know we're all imperfect. We have our advantages, but also disadvantages.
  4. Or perhaps YM2610B + YM2151 + 2xSID + Roland MT-32 + Paula.
  5. So, this is a remake of my old thread. (not sure if mods would be okay with it) Ever wonder about combining two different sound chips from different systems and play them together? Mine is YM2610 and MOS 6581 SID and I think they would sound very powerful together, combining Neo-Geo's and Commodore 64's characteristic sound powers. So, @Strider @BruceMcF @rje @Cyber @AndyMt @Perifractic @Scott Robison @ZeroByte, what is your dream sound chip combination? What sound chips from particular console or home computer you think would go great together?
  6. What do y'all think,@Strider @BruceMcF @rje @Cyber @Scott Robison @ZeroByte ?
  7. What if NEC chose not to discontinue the PC-9800 series in 1999 and instead keep cranking them out, even in this day and age? Would the supposed "modern" PC-98 eventually be indistinguishable from other computers manufactured by HP, Lenovo, Alienware, etc.?
  8. How can you build an old-school arcade machine using parts from old 1980s-1990s hardware (Motorola 68k, YM2612, 486, Z80, YM3812, SID, etc.), like making a modern rival of Neo-Geo and Capcom CP? (in a similar fashion to how the X16 was built) Are FPGAs a good alternative? (a la c256 Foenix)
  9. Irrelevant question, but would the X16 support MMC cards, since most SD sockets do have backwards compatibility with MMC cards?
  10. Awesome case! It really does retain the combination of 'new' and 'retro' like the keyboard-less design!
  11. I think it would be cool to have such a chat. After all, almost all our computers are the descendants of the original IBM PC.
  12. Since it is designed to play on regular NESs. Unfortunately, a lot of people think this is cheating. Well, stuffing extra (sometimes newer) tech in NES cartridges is a common practice back in the day to enable features in the games not possible otherwise, in Famicom even more so, due to extra audio like VRC7, VRC6, N163, MMC5, S5B, etc. Even some bootleg games can add additional hardware. The DOOM cart is basically the same kind of practice fast-fowarded to today, just did that on a much more radical extent. So, it's a fair game.
  13. Wonder if THAT's possible to extend the VERA's VRAM externally.
  14. Well, most of Star Fox is from RISC CPU-based SuperFX chip (which has its own RAM and ROM, also intended originally for the NES, but instead made for SNES), so this is basically the NES equivalent of SuperFX. (On a side note, one more comment and you'll reach the number of 486 in total of comments)
  15. Someone put the Raspberry Pi on the NES cart to make DOOM playable on NES.
  16. Thanks! That way it is certainly possible to do PC-98 style VNs. But uh-oh though, if that works well for the most time, someone is gonna go and develop a naughtier VN for the X16 like the PC-98 had many of them.
  17. Well, Proton and Wine are constantly improving and with Proton, you can run (at least in theory) thousands of Windows games (at least in Steam). Give it a shot. It would be a tad more difficult to set everything up correctly, sure, but Proton and Wine are getting better and better. Steam Deck will be available soon and it's running on Arch Linux with Proton and some extras. ----- Btw you made a typo in 'because'.
  18. I feel like whether we're discussing about Commander X8, for some reason, people went into some sort of arguments. Why do they always have to fight about X8? That would put an unnecessary pressure on David and other people who work on Commander x16.
  19. And since we were talking about X8 in other threads, How about X8 - X16's younger sister, usualy cheerful and optimistic. She has shorter twintails, with only red, blue and green tone colours. She has a pet dog called 'Perry'.
  20. To remain competitive and innovative, and along with their own MSX computers, Tandy 1000-compatible computers, C64 cards, better CP/M cards, Amiga and etc., so they would be budget-ready for the 'X16-like successor to C64 and Plus/4 in mid-range and low-end markets' and eventually the arcade machine below. Commodore arcade system would be based on AAA (which would eventually be for Amiga), but with even better graphics and sound. It can support cartridges, CD-ROM discs with CD-DA support for low-cost alternative and LD-ROM for FMV games a la NEC PC-FX. Just imagine, it would include YM2151+YM3012 DAC, YM2610B, 8-channel Paula and Enhanced SID with 15 voices with surround sound, more waveforms (more variations of Mix, an NES-style 4-bit pseudo-triangle in addition to real triangle wave and pseudo-sawtooth in addition to actual sawtooth), better manufacturing methods and backwards compatibility to original SID. How cool would that be, especially with Z280 and Intel i8232 for sound CPUs and RAM, and the main CPU being Intel i980 RISC. We could hire game developers who are ex-Electronic Arts (or license EA to port games to Commodore Arcade), ex-Atari, ex-Konami, ex-Capcom and ex-SNK to work for Commodore. We could even hire mangaka (manga and anime artists) to help Commodore establish their very own IP arcade video game series, as they would have their own fighting games (in similar vein to King Of Fighters, etc.), vertical shooters in style of those from Sharp X68000, puzzle games featuring cute anime-style magical girl characters, racing games, sport games (football/soccer, rugby, basketball, etc.), a hybrid 4X/god game/city building game (4X twists of SimCity and god games), theme park building games, ports of multi-platform games like Tetris, RPGs, etc.
  21. Speaking of NTSC composite, late-1980s-present PAL TVs offer NTSC compatibility.
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