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  1. It's kind of hard for me to decide what this should be like since it seems to me that the 80s are a transition era. You have the 8-bit computers like the Commodore 64 in the early 80s and at the end of the 80s you have the 486, which for me is hardly a retro computer since almost every modern personal computer is an extension of that. So old x86 hardware is of no interest to me. What I would really like is something that would let me do all the basics while still being simple enough to fully understand. CPU: 68020@25MHz with 68882@25MHz System RAM: 3 GB with zero wait states GPU: 1024x768 64k colors. I haven't come up with a realistic set of other capabilities but I think displaying that resolution and bit depth is reasonable. VideoRAM: 8 MB on the GPU Sound: As with the GPU, I don't have a good idea of exactly what I want or what would be possible, but given the computational power available I think full 44.1khz PCM audio playback is reasonable. O.S. Support for something like NetBSD, but also good bare metal support in the firmware. Firmware: Something based on Forth like Open Firmware As far as actually producing this, it seems like something that's reasonable to build today with a little help from some FPGAs. The 68020 CPUs are still being manufactured, so even though they're expensive they're easy to get. Given the slow CPU speed SDR DRAM would be fast enough to have zero wait states, so that wouldn't be hard to get either although it would require a simple FPGA or CPLD controller. The GPU would almost certainly have to be an FPGA, but if the requirements are simple enough that wouldn't be insurmountable. I'm not sure what the best way to go about implementing the audio is, but I think it wouldn't be complicated. The real difficulty would be in the software.
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