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  1. As I said, but the same benefit would be had (I assume) by the kernal or basic routines that now use bank 0, if they instead used that area. But like you said, we probably have more memory than we'll ever need as it is. (Although, didn't they say that about 640k at one time? ;D)
  2. Oh, of course, like I said, I'm just wondering about the efficiency of it. Like if the 1k at $400 to $7ff, formerly used by the c64 for screen ram (and sprite pointers) would be more than enough, then reserve that, as using that area isn't any more advantageous to the user than anywhere else in memory, including banks (other than selecting the bank).
  3. Yeah, I guess I just feel like that 8k is a bit excessive to reserve, compared to what the c64's kernal/basic used. Like why not just reserve $200-$7ff, and not bank 0? (i'm not really complaining, since it has up to 2MB (minus 8k) of extra mem, just wondering how efficient it is, reserving that 8k)
  4. Ah, ok, thanks for the replies. Still seems odd, when half of zero page, and 2 more pages ($200-$3ff) are reserved. (mostly, why does it need $200-$3ff, when there's 8k in bank 0?) Thanks
  5. As far as I can tell, there is no Bank 0? The emulator defaults to 1 (peek(40801)), and seems to go to bank 64 (for 512k) Where else in computing are things numbered from 1... N? Binary goes from 0 to 255 (1111 1111), not 0000 0001 to 1 0000 0000 (1 to 256) poke 40801,0 works (peek(40801) then returns 0) but then if you poke $a000,x, you only get 0 back, no matter the value of x This is very strange behavior, and makes programming banks more complex, as checking for a 1 limit, or worse, a 256 limit (rather than 255) is a pain (if 2MB of high mem) Actually, I just realized, this makes accessing bank 256 impossible. 40801 can't hold 256. Apologies if this is a known issue, I did some searching but couldn't find anything on this. edit: looks like, with 512k, bank 64 isn't accessible
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