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  1. Calcmandan, it's a pleasure to meet you here. I don't have a YouTube channel, but I'm happy to share info about my project. Your post actually got me thinking about posting info about it on my blog or website. I did develop a nifty keyboard controller that allowed my homebrew to use a C64 keyboard. It had a little pic microcontroller and a few shift registers. Very simple, but it made the code on the 6502 much simpler. Are you a pilot? I fly a 1962 Cherokee PA28-160.
  2. Cliff Stoll! Oh, how I love that human. I got to talk with him a number of times a few years ago as I was hoping to option his book and make it into a film or TV series. He's marvelous and his story is geek-tastic. The dramatization Falken links to is really worth watching, especially since Cliff plays himself.
  3. Picosecond, it's always a pleasure to meet fellow New Englander, though I must admit that I'm originally from New Orleans, so I'll always be "from away." And SlithyMatt, thank you for the clarification. Commandos is just fine. And I think I'm wearing unmentionables today. But it's hit or miss in these times. Peace, Daniel
  4. Hello my fellow retronauts. I am extremely excited about this project and have been since David first mentioned it. I built a 6502-based computer and OS a few years ago and found it to be one of the most exciting projects I've ever undertaken. So very excited to see how this progresses. Cheers, Daniel
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