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  1. Don't you think guys this has gone too far?
  2. Hi everyone. I don't know where to post my thoughts, so I'll do that here. I guess guys, you have overestimated the 6502 capability to handle two PS/2 channels. The performance penalty for 6502 will be so huge that almost no other action will be possible. Additional microcontroller would be necessary to keep 6502 free from handling of 2 streams of PS/2 interrupts. PS/2 devices like keyboards and mouse are almost gone on the market ... only USB are available. So if additionally microcontroller seems to be necessary, why not to use it to handle USB keyboard/mouse ?? I'm a constructor of a new USB device called mouSTer. The website is not ready for now: http://jil.guru/mouSTer/ some information is also here: https://retrohax.net/the-mouster-project-is-here/ Getting back to the main lead ... I offer my help to integrate a reasonable USB interface for mouse/keyboard, likely based on the mouSTer adapter. I have also some comments on the layout of the prototype. If you are interested in the USB interface, please contact me. Regards willy.
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