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  1. As I was hoping to 're-learn' BASIC not too long ago, I was planning on porting one of those old 'book games' into BASIC. Actually began doing that in an old Apple II emulator, since it was the computer I learned BASIC on, but now I'm more or less inclined to do it in the X16's emulator and see what happens. I have never even seen a real C64 in my life, let alone programmed in one. Is there any place where I can check the differences between Applesoft's and X16's/Commodore's BASIC? Or... is there any practical difference? Sorry for the newbness, but we gotta start somewhere
  2. And hello everyone. My name is Leandro and like Carlos Wagner above, I'm hailing from Brazil. Also as he mentioned, I did my BASIC learning in a clone. Brazil was very huge with clones. My family had an Apple II clone (and a ZX-80 clone before that) and I miss it dearly, but in my school's 'computer course' we also had access to TRS-80 clones, MSX's, and even a bonafide IBM. All I knew about Commodore and later Amiga I learned via computer Magazines, as most of those computers were not available. Most of us over here went the MS-DOS route when it became widespread. Somehow I always wanted to try a Commodore and I think the X16 might be the closest I'll ever get to one lol. Anyways, cheers and all the best to the project!
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