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  1. Thank you. I've actually been looking for the method to do this with various images.
  2. Hello fellow Retro lovers. I'm Bill aka Duckey. I am really looking forward to playing new Retro style games on the Commander X16. My wife (barely) tolerates my tinkering with electronics and the small collection of Retro machines. I have all the enthusiasm of a ten year old when a new machine or game comes into the house. We have been playing around with the PETSCII robots game on THEC64 (I can't seem to find a decent C64). The Planet X3 game finally made me get to work on a Tandy 1000 TL/2 that I picked up last autumn. I love what could be done with minimal graphics, adequate sound and a 62 watt power supply. I believe that the "less is more" idea is what makes me love the idea of the Commander X16. Sure I could chase a modern gaming rig, but the chase and the cost never ends. Assuming that the parts are available.
  3. I've been hovering at the periphery for, well, since David's first wishful video. When I saw Adrian's prototype repair, I felt that this project was really going to come to fruition. Thanks for the hard work. I really like the lines of the design. Great Job, Perifractic!
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