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  1. Surely Planet X4 will be the pack in game lol
  2. If like me you were a kid in the UK in the late 70's or early 80's there is a good chance you had some of the Usborne computer books, These are now free as pdf's on their website for that full on retro experience! Later today I will try typing a few in to the x16 emulator. https://usborne.com/browse-books/features/computer-and-coding-books/
  3. The ZINC projet also seem to be rewriting bits of CPM to make them GNU (although not 100% sure of current project state or activity).
  4. I'd be down for a Commander zx80 project! Or should it be Commander Z16? MP/M would be my preferred option built on an eZ80 based system. But right now I am thinking GSX for VERA would be pretty cool.
  5. The reason I would want it is for playing with assembler rather than it being a serious app dev option.
  6. is there going to be, or could there be, an in line assebler in basic similar to that of the bbc computers bbc basic? It's a great tool for experimenting and learning
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