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  1. Sounds like to me, if you did that, you'd be halfway to a complete game engine... Well, maybe 25%, but still.
  2. Hey johnzo! I'm also in Seattle! Welcome!
  3. Uh, you didn't *have* to learn 6502 assembly like it was 1989, just because the X16 could be from that era... (mostly kidding, but there's sooooo many resources on the web, like lots of tutorials and pretty much any book from the era) All kidding aside, I gotta say you're probably being a little impatient here. I do understand some of your frustrations, but let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater, eh? Maybe you're already gone and won't come back, but in case read this, have a Snickers and cure your hangry. The mere fact that there *IS* a Proto #3 shows progress. And why is your deadline within one year? If progress is being visibly made, so what if it's 1,2,3 years? The machine is already 30 years out of date, what's another few?
  4. Thanks for the post @Kevin Williams! And thanks very much for all your hard work, this project wouldn't be nearly where it is without your talents. And please don't take my questions as a criticism of you personally, I'm just wondering if the mindset of the X16 team as a whole shouldn't shift to this board as the go-to place and everything else secondary, that's just what makes the most sense to me. I'll say no more on that subject
  5. I would still like to know why this isn't the primary location for X16 info. Facebook is Draconian in their account rules and fast and loose with that data once they have it. I refuse. But if it's just me, so be it, but pretty disappointing.
  6. Yeah, I second that. Shouldn't this board really be the primary source of info about the X16, and Facebook secondary? Facebook doesn't like me, and the feeling is very mutual.
  7. And David @The 8-Bit Guy, you commented on this video 4 days ago and didn't share!? How could you?
  8. Rethinking this, since the cable goes inside the mainboard case it wouldn't easily be connected/disconnected to several of these in some commercial application, so I think that's out. Rather, I think some user didn't like all the cables/attachments coming out from the keyboard. They'd rather have the single ribbon cable going from keyboard to mainboard, then all the spaghetti from there. And I'd say they located it to the right (not directly behind, as in the picture) by the way the ribbon cable goes from right side of keyboard to left side of mainboard unit. How they found the case(s) that matched well enough as it does is beyond me. The rear notches on the foreign case don't even line up top to bottom as far as I can tell, so I think it was 2 other cases. Edit: Actually, I think the 2 pieces of "foreign" case are identical, just flipped, one's the bottom of the keyboard, the other is the top of the main board.
  9. Appears to me that top unit is only the keyboard. Gonna guess this was for some application where multiple units were stacked in the slimline version without the keyboard. The keyboard unit only used when one needed to work on a unit. A BBS setup perhaps?
  10. I'd recommend starting with: https://skilldrick.github.io/easy6502/ Then just play and learn inside the emulator using: https://www.commanderx16.com/forum/index.php?/files/category/8-official-docs/ and http://www.obelisk.me.uk/65C02/reference.html You can use the built in MON command to do simple assembly programs (Google Final Cartridge 3 manual for help using the monitor) Then you'll want to find a cross assembler you like. One is ca65, part of the cc65 package, another is KickAssembler, there are many more. Then or in tandem:
  11. So, adding to my review and your reply @CursorKeys... I'd suggest putting in a hotkey to instantly reveal the text: esc, spacebar, or just any key. And then another press to continue on. Forcing your user to read at a fixed rate is just bad juju, thanks
    I'm sure this is a great demo. But many seconds, perhaps minutes of slowly revealed text, is VERY annoying. I, for one, don't have the patience for it.
  12. Are you trying to make electricity every time you flush, or something?
  13. The pico wasn't out when the X16 was in the design stage, which we are now way past. I'm not on the design team, but I can tell you what they're going to say: no, the design ain't changing. Linked on the FAQ page are David's videos from 2 years ago about the design process if you'd like to learn more about it. Now if someone wanted to incorporate a pico (or an RP2040) onto an expansion card to facilitate a USB interface (or anything else), I'd bet that's doable. (I'm sure the same or similar idea has been mentioned elsewhere)
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