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  1. Nostalgia is of course a big factor. But the other factor is fun, it's fun to develop on 8 bit stuff. Modern stuff can be fun to some extent, but it's a lot more like work, in my opinion. I'd compare it to R/C modeling. Building and operating your remote/radio control airplane/car/boat is a lot of fun. As opposed to building or restoring a full size plane, car or boat. Yeah, there's some fun there, but also, A LOT of work. Not a direct comparison of course, but pretty similar I'd say.
  2. That is the nerdiest damn thing I've seen in a while. And I kinda want one, lol.
  3. It was 10 minutes 16 seconds from liftoff to capsule touchdown in the desert.
  4. So you're talking about your My Sharona computer in the first person, rather than third person now? So let's see it, surely you could take a video of it working in some respect. And no, I won't stop calling you Shirley. If it's still in the design phase, or even if it isn't... why again would David be interested, when he's got a product almost ready to release? But irrespective of David's interest, I'm sure folks here would be interested in what you've got, I'd suggest a post in the "non C16" area of the forum. I'm even confused on what processor you're going with... 6502 or Z80? Or were you going to do a discrete soldered version of a bespoke processor?
  5. A note on Impossible Mission on the Maxi. Once in the game, you can reset it and get a new map, by hitting stop/restore, or maybe just restore. Whatever the sequence is, you can get a random map. Just got my Maxi a couple days ago, and that's one of the first things I fiddled with, lol.
  6. That's fine, but the rest of what I said still applies. Eh, I was gonna say more, but I just don't care anymore.
  7. It doesn't have to be earth shattering to feel like 2nd class. A video about the keyboard? That would be interesting to anyone following this project, yet no post here. Even more disappointment and demotivation there. A "new post every couple of weeks" would be a VAST improvement over what gets communicated here currently. This project had the potential to grab some kind of foothold, or niche, but for me, my interest in it has come way down. This now holds little more interest for me than any other 8 bit project you can name, and there are quite a few.
  8. Thank you @Lorin Millsap for your message. Speaking only for myself, the dearth of messaging *here* about this project is a significant demotivator. In his video(s), David @The 8-Bit Guy implored his audience to develop software for the platform, that that would be the greatest area of help. So one would assume that this site (all of commanderx16.com) would be the central clearing house of software, but also of information about the project. Consistently having to hear 2nd or 3rd hand new information is disappointing and demotivating. (Facebook seems to be the primary source) If David doesn't read this message I'm asking if you and/or other team members could impress upon him the need to change this. Facebook could continue to be his touchstone with youtube 8-bit guy channel fans, but anything CommanderX16 related should be communicated here, and Facebook posts could be used to point those users here, for that information. Not everyone uses Facebook, but everyone *can* pull up a website.
  9. A millenial father of 4 makes me feel really really old. But welcome, it's nice to see your interest.
  10. the retroencabulator with modial interaction of magnetoreluctance and capacitive diractance!
  11. Yeah, I changed my mind on that, and created the thread about making that hard decision. And really, I want VERA module(s) for systems I already have. If I had to bet, the X16 will be released, and probably the X8 sooner or later, adding 2 platforms to the 8-bit arena. So I'd rather have VERA all around, and ideally have it just be processor agnostic, giving video capabilities (and more) to any system that can feed it 1's and 0's fast enough.
  12. Of course they aren't. And I already said that assumptions are being made. But that could be easily remedied. By giving us access to all of the info and the emulator. This isn't being done and is the source of my frustration. This board might be less trafficked than the facebook group, but I'd argue the stronger supporters are here, where else is there software being released for the platform? Of which, myself, I've released some and have more in the works. I immensely appreciate what the team has done so far. But we're ready, willing and able to pony up real cash for this/these products. We're being asked if we want one of the said products, but we're being denied access to most of the information about it. How is that not frustrating?
  13. Of course what I said isn't authoritative, and should be confirmed or corrected. Edit: yes, if BASIC is 16K, that would put it at $8000, or $7e00, adjusting for the Boot ROM. Leaving then 30208 bytes for BASIC RAM.
  14. Thank you for this, but I'm still baffled why would couldn't have gotten this on the first day. But anyway, $0000 to $00ff is of course zero page, $0100-$01ff is stack, $0200-$03ff is going to be basic/kernal variables, the rest as you mentioned. I'm gonna guess basic program storage still starts at $0800, leaving $0618-$07ff as a free/ML area, so $0800 to $9fff (38912 bytes), unless that 512 bytes of Boot ROM pushes the Kernal and BASIC down to $9e00, but even so, that's 38,400 bytes for BASIC, which is what you'd expect. Not using BASIC would then give you a contiguous block $0618 - $bdff, 47080 bytes.
  15. You know what I really want? Just the VERA. I already made mention that we're already talking about a "VERA ecosystem", especially if both X8 and X16 are released, and @Birk reminded me: I already have fully working, fully license-problem free versions of 65xx systems sitting on the table behind me. They're called the VIC 20 and the C64C. I'll probably buy a 3rd 65xx system: Ben Eater's kit. And, at this point, I may or may not buy a Commander Xxx. But I would buy VERA modules for ALL of those (that didn't have it already). Especially if there's more than one Xxx platform anyway.
  16. The VERA really is the killer app, million dollar idea here. I hope they take advantage of that fact.
  17. So if someone makes a reference to a movie quote, the discussion is forever and always about movies? Puzzling, but I will change the title if I can. Edit: done.
  18. Well, all I can do is explain the intention and the reference, which has been done. It was a risk, that everyone wouldn't know the reference, but the intention and the reference has been explained: that a hard decision could be made, and there's a clear winning strategy on the other side of that hard decision.
  19. He wasn't insulting anybody, it was to his own staff, and was widely reported and acknowledged as such, as a rallying cry for the campaign. As in, "if we're not talking about the economy, we're doing something wrong". But if you see it as an insult, again, that's up to you. But we digress. To the retro future! Whatever form it takes.
  20. And "adult in the room" is a commonly used phrase meaning someone who makes a hard decision, usually reluctantly. As what would be required if the X8 were chosen to be the sole platform.
  21. Sorry, incorrect. It's a quote from James Carville, consulting for the Clinton campaign, which caught on quite extensively and was a factor in his victory. from Wikipedia: derived from a list he (James Carville) posted in the campaign war room to help focus himself and his staff, with these three points: Change vs. more of the same. The economy, stupid. Don't forget health care.[62]
  22. That isn't what I intended, or should be inferred. The reference is that there's an answer staring everyone in the face. And this concludes me explaining the reference, how you take it is up to you!
  23. Didn't think it was. And as I doubt there's 1000 sitting in a garage, why couldn't the design be changed before a production run was initiated? And by the way, where did the L come from? I hope nobody mistakes my passion for anything but that. (And incidentally, the title of this thread is a play on a theme from the 1st Clinton campaign in the 90's, I'm not calling anyone here stupid, far from it) My expectation is not that the Commander Xwhatever takes the world by storm, but my hope is that it takes hold enough that there would be a respectable audience/ecosystem/following/what have you, that would make developing for the platform interesting, and a pleasure, and that those creations could be shared in as friction-free way as possible. After all, a stated goal (the main goal?), is a system where it could all be understood by just 1 person. That implies development for the platform will largely be 1 person endeavors. People who, generally speaking, are going to be older, with appreciable limits on their free time. 2 platforms puts a strain on that free time (small/large? that will depend) , and is going to create some areas of friction in sharing of one's work, it'll just make it harder, how much harder can be argued about. Will it be the end of the world if both are released? No. But it's just added complication, and for what benefit? If the size of the market isn't at all a consideration, that the system is designed for the single user to just sit in their dim basement and hack around on and "learn about computing" then frankly, I'm not interested. I'll buy Ben Eater's kit for that. I'm really going to try to make this my last post on the subject, I'm sure I've annoyed many already. Best wishes!
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