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  1. I don't know where to put this, so I went to the Off-Topic subforum. The menu does not appear on mobile phones anymore : Looking at the HTML code, I figured out it's missing a button here : <li data-ipsdrawer="" data-ipsdrawer-drawerelem="#elMobileDrawer"> <a href="#"><i class="fa fa-bars"></i></a> </li> Once the button is back, clicking on it show a broken menu : Far from being good with CSS, I tried to fix this // this is a missing line that is responsible for breaking the menu .ipsFlex.ipsFlex-fd\:column { flex-direction: column; } // color of the notification icons, feel free to change it .cUserNav_icon a { color: #3d6594; } // leave some space around the notification icons so it's not stuck on the edge of the screen #elUserNav_mobile { margin: 0 10px; } The result : I'd like to also add some minor modifications in order to improve the look of the site : // 1. fix page title padding .ipsPageHeader { padding: 10px; } // 2. Hide rank from mobile menu (missing on desktop, retrievable from our profile) .elMobileDrawer__rank { display: none; } // OR decrease the size of the rank icon .elUserNav_achievements__icon img { width: 64px; height: auto; } // Note: the CSS class "ipsDimension:3" is missing // 3. Center the icons from the forums page when on mobile @media screen and (max-width:979px) { .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large { line-height:30px; } } // 4. improve the icons on the small badges besides topics (pinned, poll, ...) .ipsBadge.ipsBadge_icon.ipsBadge_small i { height: 14px; vertical-align: middle; color: #fff; } .ipsBadge.ipsBadge_icon.ipsBadge_small { line-height: 18px; }
  2. Same for me. Let us know how we can help Edit: By the way, we're going a bit out of topic here
  3. Don't worry, it's not spam if you're pointing out a bug, your message might help people find out why that don't work as intended
  4. Okay, I wasn't aware that such things already exists Guess I can forget my idea and take a look at this one instead. Thanks for sharing !
  5. Hello Everybody, Some days ago I started to think about making a custom BASIC interpreter for the X16. This interpreter would take advantage of the entire memory map and the capabilities of the X16. It's still "on paper", right now I got a very small prototype that is able to read a number from the prompt and that's all. I started to write the code into the banked RAM, but I get some issues due to wanting to use the other banks so I need to find out how to get my program in one of the banked ROM instead. To explain how I see this project, I'd like to use the RAM banks to store the variables (and why not the BASIC programs). Also, considering the speed of the X16, I'd like to see if we can tokenize the lines instead of storing plain text. This would take off the need to optimize every bit of BASIC line, making your programs unreadable, but also that needs more processing in order to tokenize the line and "untokenize" it when listing. Running pre-tokenized lines will likely make BASIC runtine faster. For variable names, I'd see a "VARTAB" section that contains the two characters of the variable followed by the address of it. Lines of BASIC that uses the variable would get a pointer to a line of the VARTAB. in case the variable changes (like for strings), only the VARTAB entry changes its address. constant values will be tokenized as well so it'll be stored in variable space (or in a constant space) without any entries in VARTAB. I imagined some variable types like INT16, INT32, FLOAT16, STRING, ARRAY, etc... And even a special type that represents a segment of free space. I think I'm getting a bit messy in my explanations, so I'm stopping for now. Nothing's fixed, I'm just trying to get some ideas / feedback and maybe some of you may be interested to participate in this ? @rje If I remember correctly, you worked on a tokenizer already ? Do you think this project may be viable ? I'm doing that just to learn how that work so if all of this is a bad idea, at least I got some fun imagining the thing and doing the prototype.
  6. I didn't see that as well, right now I'd largely prefer to buy a X16e over a X8.
  7. I'd like to experiment making a BASIC interpreter, this would lead to an interesting challenge. As for compatibility, it's also possible to write a converter and store it into one of the ROM banks. If more people are interested we can start a thread dedicated to this.
  8. Vacuum tubes are too complicated, let's use solenoids and other electromechanical-stuff-that-i-dont-know-the-name, with 120V it's safe enough for children
  9. I would gladly help too but I don't think I'm a wizard-level developper with Arduinos (hobby programmer on Arduino and ESP32). Anyway, if any help is needed, i'll try as hard as I can. I'm also on vacation for the next 2,5 week. __________ By the way, I found a library for PS/2 mouse handling to add with the keyboard library. Not sure if that could help but putting it anyway.
  10. Also for troubleshooting / maintenance, if a chip get fried it's easier to replace and certainly cheaper. I agree it's not going to happen a lot but who knows, playing with the hardware (expansion cards) can probably cause some issues
  11. Please everybody remember the rules of this forum, particularly "comment with kindness". I've seen some spikes thrown at people already, we're here for discussing and giving our opinion on this subject. Please respect our opinions, debilitating others comment in order to get yours "seen as better" is maybe nice for you but please consider that everybody sees this differently. We come from many different places with many different jobs and all so everybody here is different but yet needs at least to be treated with the same respect. Tl;DR: please keep the conversation as kind as possible. Thank you
  12. Five with me, my poor soldering skills will probably make a fried potato instead of a computer !
  13. I didn't expect to see a Godot program here, awesome work ! Can't wait to see more updates
  14. What about the discrete chips ? Do the X8 have the ability to be built this way ? Is the bank swapping through SD card that easy ? What is the impact on performances ? Have you seen the poll on the thread called "Clarity of purpose: why do YOU want the X16?" I'm not into buying a credit-card-sized board with all the system on a single chip, I have RPi at home and that's enough.
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