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  1. Yeah, it is more reasonable, the computer itself I still hope will get a "warehouse" option inside the EU.
  2. I am sure that cc64 will be more effective and create better code, the advantage of the Super C would be that it would run on the computer itself. Except BASIC and assembly I assume that the only efficient and fast languages we could add would be something like Forth.
  3. I got some unexpected money and was considering to buy one of the CX16 WASD keyboards. The $200 price is a bit steep but I can manage that. The main problem though is that I have to add $50 in taxes/toll and almost $70 in shipping bringing the total up to $320. I might still order it but will have to think it over before committing especially as this has made me thinking that the CX16 itself will be almost unobtainable outside of the US unless they will get a EU warehouse for us living in Europe. I mean what use is the keyboard if I can't afford the rest of the computer.
  4. I had that software for my C128 back in the day, I think it was sold by Abacus or Data Becker. Do anyone know if it would be possible to port it to the CX16? As far as I have been able to determine from searching on the net it was developed and written by Thomas Eirich and Franz J. Hauck. I have located Franz J Hauck but have not tried to approach him yet. I found him working on Ulm University and am considering to contact him but hesitate as my German is a bit rusty Do anyone here have any contacts at the Ulm University perhaps? This link https://www.uni-ulm.de/en/in/vsst/team/franz-hauck/details/ list his publications and on the bottom of the list we find the compiler F. J. Hauck and T. Eirich, Der Data Becker Profi C-Compiler C64/C128. .... Data Becker, 1986 F. J. Hauck and T. Eirich, Der Data Becker C-Compiler C64. .... Data Becker, 1985.
  5. Hi I am an "oldtimer" who started programming in 1979 when I was 13 years old. I got a Swedish made 8 bit Z80 based computer and have been programming from that point in time. I have worked in many computer languages since then including BASIC, Pascal, Fortran, Cobol, Forth, C, C++, Modula 2, Standard ML, Delphi, VB, C#, and F#. As for machine language I started with Z80, then 6502 variants, and later 68k, x86/x64 and recently Arm chips. /Karl
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