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My name is Phil, and I live in Portland (Victoria), Australia.


I'd describe myself as a long-standing retro computing tragic - though I haven't ever really committed myself enough to learn much beyond BASIC and a very light smattering of assembly language (6502/6510 and Z80). I intend to change that soon... and the Commander X16 project looks like the catalyst to make things happen!


Growing up in South Australia, I owned a Commodore 64 (riotously popular over here, as elsewhere) and a VZ300 (if you're Australian, Dick Smith Electronics will definitely ring a bell here); many of my happiest memories were formed programming, and playing games on, these machines (particularly the Commodore 64, with its formidable tech-specs). In the latter part of my youth I'd finally scraped together enough money to migrate to an Amiga 600, also a wonderful Commodore machine in the evolutionary sense. Over the past few years, I've managed to pick up quite a few other retro systems - some really showing their age but others relatively fresh - and most of these have unfortunately remained boxed, rather than taking pride of place in my 'computer room' (this has never really moved past the conceptual stage).

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